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Sterling JP70-PU-comparison/tonetest (3 short clips)


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  • Sterling JP70-PU-comparison/tonetest (3 short clips)


    I have three Sterling JP70s, all of which have different pick ups. One has the LiquiFire/CrunchLab combo, another one has the AirNorton/ToneZone combo and one has the stock PUs.

    I just recorded a very short riff, to compare the three (only the bridge PUs were used on this).
    To be honest I don't know if I hear a difference at all - am I tone-deaf or what?!

    If you guys can tell a difference, let me know which version you tihnk sounds best, or if you think you can tell, say which is which PU (CrunchLab, ToneZone or sterling stock PU)

    this is version A:

    version B:

    version C:

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    With all that gain, I can't tell amy difference, and even if I was in the same room as the amp, I'd have trouble.

    But all three sound good, and despite the heavy gain and low tuning, it sounds pretty clear.

    Play some clean demos, and the pickup differences will be easier to point out.
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