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Your guitar is going to outlive you


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  • Your guitar is going to outlive you

    Sometimes when I play my guitar, I think about how long my guitar will be around, and i'm certain it's going to outlive me.

    Particularly when you have a nice american made Gibson or Fender. It's highly unlikely it's going to end up in a dumpster, or just break so bad its unfixable. And when you own more than one guitar, which almost all of us do, at least one is going to be around for a long time.

    This is going to sound morbid, but when I was buying my epiphone sg/les paul custom, and the lady said it belonged to her son who died a year ago, it made me want to buy it more, so I did. It almost feels like someones guitar is a part of them. Like Jimi Hendrix's strat. That's more than just pieces of wood and electronics.

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    I like to think my guitars will be passed down to people that will use them. To that end, I actually have a list of who gets which guitar in the event of my death (my life expectancy is fairly short due to a condition), designed to ensure that my guitars end up in the hands of players and not people that will keep them in stuffy display cases.

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    The answer is, of course, onions.

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    Blasphemer! I'll bite your nipples off.

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    All guitars suck. Except for mine. They rock.


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      Possibly........... it depends how you sing




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        I guess I'm fortunate. I've got two nephews and a niece that all play. so they all get one when I leave the planet. I left it up to them to decide between themselves who gets what though. Don't want to make anyone feel I decided which would be best for whom. I'm bettin' that the '81 Strat ends up with the niece though. She loves it and she's wily, devious and meaner than a bobcat.




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          The guitars are quite easy we all have a clutch of guitarist friends,

          Harder for me is the collection of vintage bicycles restored Raleigh 3 speeds from the 50's and a few 90's Konas and Specialized(s) thought the rarest stuff like the cast framed Kirk below have been sold



          and hardest are the 16mm Cine cameras, Bolex, Kodak K100 turret Kodak and such

          I guess I will have to get the family to auction them, I don't want them sitting in some box in the attic as 'dad's holy stuff' that we don't touch, they need to be run periodically, but who shoots 16mm these days?

          I should sell em I suppose but I just love handling the old kit even though all my work is video now



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            To the OP....
            Are you guys getting paid to do this? There are like three of you guys and you're all posting the exact same threads at a half dozen different guitar forums.
            What's up with that?
            We're not in Kansas anymore.