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    Anybody hear ever play an Arbor guitar? I've heard bad things about them before, but recently a friend of mine who owns a music store snagged a bunch of these floyd rose equipped guitars. I'd say they look like an ibanez more than a jackson, but they have neck/bridge humbuckers with a single coil in the middle. Thing is he is only selling them for $160 so he must got a great deal somewhere. They actually play really well when u get them set up.

    needless to say i bought one because i own strats exclusively and wanted somthing i could dive bomb on with humbuckers(which will be replaced soon), at under 200 bucks this seemed unbelievable!

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    Years ago, 1983 to be exact, I bought an Arbor Explorer copy. Set neck, brass nut, brass looking set strat style bridge. I Loved it. Played great, sounded good. Sold it once, bought it back 6 months later, at a reduced cost. Alas though I later traded it for a 4x12 cab cause I needed one in a pinch and never saw it again.

    I've seen later ones with bolt on necks that weren't worth the time or effort. As far as yours being a bolt on style to begin with, if you like it it's worth it.

    Also if anyone has or knows of an explorer like I described up front. I'd be interested. My local Music-Go-Round has an Arbor Flying-V like my explorer but I'm not interested in that.
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      I remember Arbor they were in alot of stores by me in the 80's pretty paintjobs,uneven frets god awful electronics played quite a few of em too and had freinds that owned them.There were a few that were ok i guess. I almost bought one a year or so ago at a thrift shop like $40 seemed to be a decent fixer upper Tele clone.
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        I bought a Arbor Explorer in the mid 80's and it was a really nice guitar. Set neck, played great good wood, electronics etc. and had a cool 2 tone greyish black finish.


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          He is just giving all of us a chance to see the older posts.

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        I had one that I bought used in 1999, it was pretty beat up then, but it was a player with a brass nut and locking tuners. I ended up trading it to the guitarist of another band for a tube amp head. I definately got the better of the deal.
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          I saw some online a couple years ago and was tempted until I saw a few in a store. They looked crappy but that doesn't mean you didn't get a good one.


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            The guitar Player in Wishbone Ash used to play an Arbor V.
            I've heard good things about the AJ 138? (Gretsch copy) but unfortunately didn't get to try one before they were gone.
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              BigBone wrote:
              The guitar Player in Wishbone Ash used to play an Arbor V.


              So, uh.... Andy Powell ditched his Gibsons for a beginners guitar?  Kumbaya


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              I like old toast better than old post. Arbor flarbor. Hi guys. Bye.