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A question regarding pickup installation

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  • A question regarding pickup installation

    OK here's the deal, jerry_pickers' got me all fired up about these strat sized P90s from Vintage Vibe guitars. I want to throw a set in my Dillion DS-100 (HSS config). Here's the problem: the bridge is two singles (humbucker pos) with separate elevation screws. So, can I just install the Biltoft P90s in the neck, middle and bridge position with the bridge position retaining an original single coil? Will it still work as a humbucker? Or should I order four Biltoft P90s in order to make it work. I've never installed pus, so it's all new to me. Thx
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    I am not sure I am following your question...do you want thoughts on putting a single coil in the humbucker route at the bridge vs installing two seperate single coils in the bridge bucker position?

    In your shoes, I would prb order up a humbucker sized P-90 (and there are a bunch of em out there) and use two of the strat sized P-90s in the middle and neck position. Clean, easy, done.
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