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Pickup match for JB in a Gibson LP for the neck position.

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  • Pickup match for JB in a Gibson LP for the neck position.

    What is a good match for a JB SH-4 for a les paul in the neck position?

    Candidates are the

    Alnico Pro II



    I want clear cleans and fat leads. The latter is the most important for me. I want long sustain and a great lead tone like. I like to squeeze out the juice out of notes so this is why i need such a sound.


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      jazz all the way
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          You've answered your own question well. Any of those will do great! Pearly gates would be anothe great option- good sparkle and clarity.....but then you get that witht the Jazz but less output!!!!
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            I've got a 59 in the neck of my tokai love rock. GREAT cleans and distorted rhythms!


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              Jazz or '59 like everyone else said. Jazz is a little brighter.


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                Jazz sounded the nicest to me. So I ordered a JB and a Jazz.

                They will be here next week!


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                  I have a 59 in the bridge of my SG. I'm surprised at how dark and low output it is. The 57 Classic in the neck is brighter than it and hotter. I guess it's time to play with pole pieces.

                  The 59 sounds fantastic though. I'm almost contemplating taking out the 57 Classic and sticking a 59 in there.


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                    Originally posted by pureanalog
                    Jazz sounded the nicest to me. So I ordered a JB and a Jazz.

                    They will be here next week!

                    Good choice. I made the same decision a few weeks back. My guitar had the Korean Jazz/JB HB102 set so I swapped them for the real deal. Sounds great. I was afraid a '59 would be a little too dark but in some ways I wish I had tried it out just to see how it would sound.


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                      Originally posted by Guerrilla