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Epi Spotlight - WEIRD bridge!!!


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  • Epi Spotlight - WEIRD bridge!!!


    I have an Epihone spotlight with a rather odd steinberger locking trem. I was changing the strings when i flicked the locking bar which made the whole top piece come free. Whats was inside was i single, pretty strong spring. I am having difficulty putting in back in because of the stregth of the spring.

    Does anyone have experience of this?
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    Is there a dial on it you can adjust the tension? i think the lever or somthing on it rotates. I think it looks like a sproket or somthing. Back that out and that will release the tension of that little hat looking thing. Once its backed out you can sit the spring back in there and then tighten it back up. once you have it backin place lock it in place then add the tension.

    Those are kinda cool how they are setup. It works similar to a floyd with the knife edge and posts but it locks wich makes it easy to setup. Is the spring yellow?
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      http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=7317507341&indexURL=0& photoDisplayType=2#ebayphotohosting

      Here is one that sold on e-bay a few days ago, see under the back side there is a sproket. I think the lever you bumped may have unlocked it. Im not real sure how they work because ive never used one but they look similar in design to the R-trem wich i have on all my steinbergers.

      It looks like there is 2 parts, one rotates the sproket and one locks it? so you may have to rotate the lever then lock it, then rotate the lever again then lock it. Do you fallow me? Insted of turning the spring adjustment with a knob like the R-trems your using a lever with a sproket.

      It is a weird design
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