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My guitar needs a setup. Anyone know a reputible guitar tech in the Columbus OH area

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  • My guitar needs a setup. Anyone know a reputible guitar tech in the Columbus OH area


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    Originally posted by Bob Sacamano


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      Originally posted by jerry_picker



      No tech will be able to set it up exactly the way you like it.
      It's not hard to do.

      Think of all the cool gear you can buy with the money you save.
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        What's up fellow Ohioians

        I agree with learning how to set up the guitar yourself. It will be perfect for you once you can do it right


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          5th Avenue Fretshop does a good job. You can also take it to German Village Music Haus. I think Craig Phillips is the best, but he is in Johnstown......


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            I've used them here all over the years. My favorite is Bill Foley at German Village Music. He does excellent set ups and charges a reasonable price. I also like him because he will set it up the way you want it - this is important. He doesn't set it up for what he likes - unlike some other people here. Just be specific with him on how you like your action, etc.
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              Ditto on Bill Foley.
              Also check out J.Thomas Davis on North High st. (about 3100 or so) in Clintonville. Tom is a really nice guy and a top notch luthier. He is an accoustic specialist but does great electronic and set-ups on electrics.
              I have also had fair luck with Stringshoppe on OSU campus(next to the Newport).