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  • Guitar Port User Help!!!!!

    On Friday my computer experienced a problem. I had to do a Windows repair. Now my sound card does not work and, of course, neither does the Guitar Port. Has anyone had to reload the GuitarPort? I'm thinking of removing the GuitarPort/RiffTracker programs from the computer, reloading my SoundBlaster Live 5.1 Drivers, then reloading the GuitarPort/RiffTracker as a new installation. Do you think this would work? Really SUCKS!!!!!!!! Lost my computer control of my VampPro too......I hate computer problems....Anyone that has reloaded GuitarPort some help would be appreciated...Thanks.

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    I've reinstalled the GP software. It wasn't a big deal.


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      Just remember to NOT have your USB plugged into the GP when you do the reinstall .


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        Thanks guys. I appreciate the comments. Did you remove the entire GuitarPort/Rifftracker package before you did the re-install?


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          Yes, but I don't think it matters if you do or not.


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            I did delete the program, and re-installed after I found my SoundBlaster Live 5.1 drivers and re-installed them..........Success.....................I lost my user tone library (note to self: Before you delete GuitarPort again, copy user tones to another directory). Excuse me while I play again. I felt lost without this outstanding little gadget. Thanks guys.


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              Glad you got it worked out. I did a routing update from HP for my computer and afterwards, my guitar port still worked, but it sounds like there is a blanket over the speakers now. I also have to turn the volume up on the speakers and the dial on the GP itself way higher than I did before.

              Anyone have any suggestions for that?
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                Check the volume from the sound card itself from the control panel. Maybe the update set the sound in the sound card lower....Cause I think the GuitarPort takes the sound from the port, thru the USB cable to the computer, out the sound card, back to the GuitarPort, then to the speakers or stereo, or Amp...