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What pups for Hamer SATQ?


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  • What pups for Hamer SATQ?

    For those of you not familiar with the SATQ, it's kind of like Hamer's $500 Korean version of a DC LP. I'm in the process of getting a $350 used one right now. I haven't played the one I'm getting yeat, so I'll still have to hold off on a final judgement about swapping the pickups, but I'm still thinking about it. I played the same model in a music store here a couple of weeks ago, and I liked the sound. The only thing is that I was playing it through a Mesa Nomad 45 combo, which is a great sounding amp, it made the guitar sound very, definitely a great tone. Unfortunately, I don't own a Mesa Nomad 45. I own a $400 Trace Elliot SS combo, not bad for $400, but definitely no Mesa. So far, I've found that guitars with more output sound better through it than guitars with low output. My strat, which is my only otehr electric and has EMGs sounds great. Like I said, I'll have to hold off on making a decision about pickup swapping, but I was thinking something in the realm of a JB/59 combo. I'm not terribly familiar with either one, but I'm looking for a good humbucker rock sound, I really want to try and get the best sound possible out of the guitar. I know, you guys are ging to say "buy a new amp" but I live in an apartment,so a louder amp isn't terribly practical. ANyway, back to pickups, what are your seggestions?

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