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  • Need Some Info On SC Pickups

    Hi all, this is my first post at HC although I've been browsing these forums for quite a while. I'd like to thank you all, you guys/gals provide the best info of any guitar forum I've been on, and as a player teaching himself it's a tremendous help.

    I'm pretty much a guitar noob, I'm about to hit the one year mark (Never thought I would last that long...) I'm really looking to upgrade my electric guitar from my Ibanez (not too big a fan) to a Fender SSS Strat. I'm also thinking about possibly swapping pickups if I'm not too pleased with the stock sounds. However, I always hear other people talking on the forums about certain single-coil pickups and have really no idea on what they're talking about.

    So I was wondering if any of you could possibly direct me to a site or sites that would give me some info on the various type of single-coil pickups. I really want to have a strong idea of what sound I'm going to get when I put in new pickups before I get rid of the stock ones. If possible, sound clips would be really, really nice. Any help is appreciated.
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    Sweet lineup, wouldn't you say?