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whats up with guild s-100's on ebay lately?


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  • whats up with guild s-100's on ebay lately?

    people are getting really confused with their pricing on these. they are really nice guitars and id love to own one eventually, but people have some serious delusions about these lately, a mint one should only bring about 900 max with ohsc. but ive been seeing the suggested starting bids on some fairly dinged up ones upwards of a grand. hello? no one is willing to pay much more than 700 for these usually. whats the deal?

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    Yeah, I remember when you were lucky to get $500 in fine condition. Hell, the reissue from a few years back was being blown out locally for $649 new(should have gotten one). There is a fellow I see twice a year at guitar shows with one of the oak leaf carved ones, that he has been asking $1200 for, for the last 5 years. I guess his time is coming! Nice axes though. Perhaps the s-90s will stay at reasonable prices-they are fine as well, though less fancy.


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      yeah, i guess its a good sign that no one is bidding on these outrageously priced ones. i need to get one soon.


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        The bay is getting to smell real fishy. Time for a fish kill.


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          I've been looking for an S-200 Thunderbird for years. One just showed up on Ebay a few weeks ago in pristine condition, sunburst finish, and sold for $5K!!! Only one bidder - I wonder if it was a legitimate bid (!?).

          These things were considered crap back in the day - not really because of the quality or sound - just looked undesirable in the age of Strats, SGs, and LPs.

          I hope Vintage Guitar does not base it's pricing on Ebay sale prices, since they can be fabricated to bring up values.