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  • R8 vs R7

    I've played one R7. One word AWESOME! I can get a plaintop R8 for 2229. R7s are close to that 2100 or so. What besides the obvois finish differences are there the R7 being a goldtop.

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    None. The R8s and R7s are essentially the same guitar.

    I have 3 R7s and an R8. One of the R7s is my #1. They're awesome guitars.

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      My R7 w/BB's give me a buzz every time I pick her up! I've been checking out R8's recently too. I'm having a tough time finding one that compares to the tone of my R7. Each Historic I've played has been different in the tone department. I have to say, all of the R8's I played have felt great. They have the fat neck just like the R7.

      Depending on what year you are looking at, they'll either have '57's or Burstbuckers. The last few years I believe they've come with Burstbuckers, which I prefer. Just a matter of personal taste. I want to try some Goodwood and Tom Holmes PU's one of these days just for fun though.

      I highly recommend if at all possible to play a bunch that you are interested in before you buy. You'll find some that you'll connect with and some that you probably won't. That's been my experience at least.



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        The finish. I hear the necks on the R7's are POSSIBLY slightly bigger.

        Both are great guitars.

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          Sweet!.....I am saving up for an R0 as I kind of like the slimmer neck. However, before I get one I am going to play a bunch of R7's R8's R9's and make a decision from there (that is if I can find any to pick up, lol)!

          Good Luck...they seem to be great guitars!
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