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  • Any Fender experts here?

    My friend gave me a Stratocaster to work on for him. He's not sure what this is. To me it appears to be a '57 reissue, possibly Japanese. He bought it used in a pawn shop about fifteen to twenty years ago. It plays and sounds much nicer than other reissue's I've played. The neck plate appears new and there is no serial number on it, the pickups are not hum canceling in the in-betweens, and there is a five way switch on it that appears to be a replacement from what he was told was a three way. Somebody told him that there is a slim chance that it may be an actual '57 and not a reissue. What should I be looking for to date this thing and find out what it is. It could be either a Japanese '57, USA '57, or a '57 original. What are some significant things to look for on this guitar. If there's something on here that depicts that this could be worth some bucks, then he'll have it appraised, but if not, then he doesn't want to shell out the money.

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    This will help.


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      Wow! Thanks!