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    My dream guitar is actually in the final planning stages!

    'Twill be built soon!

    Ok... here goes.

    Lefty neck (mounted reverse) w/10-16" compound radius
    Schaller tuners
    Graphite nut, saddles and string trees
    Alder body
    Strat(ish) shape
    old Fender neck single-coil, Seymour Duncan Custom 5 bridge pickup
    2x volume controls
    3-way switch
    Hardtail bridge

    Probably it'll end up being done in tung oil, and I think I'm going to get an artist buddy of mine to do a drawing on it in ink before I finish it.
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      A PRS CuRo 24 w/birds. Not sure which color.
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        Currently in the works.

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          Oooh. Either:

          (Pre Lawsuit White ESP Explorer)


          (Jackson RR5)


          (Dave Mustaine DV8)
          - Sean.

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            Originally posted by MattAnonymous
            Currently in the works.

            Are there holes in your guitar, or is it carpet-lined?
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              25.5" Fender Jaguar with Jazzmaster pickup in the middle position...bound 22 fret rosewood fretboard
              Originally posted by tapeman1

              Man, I can almost smell the body odor. I bet you're wearing shoes that look like you stole them from a bowling alley, aren't you? And I bet your hair is all "messed up" like you just got out of bed, isn't it? Some big, dark framed glasses. I feel like I know you already.

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                Originally posted by MattAnonymous
                Currently in the works.

                I would really like to see some high-res pictures when you're through.
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                    My dream guitar for rock is in the works. The last part (the body) is being made as we type...

                    - A 25.5" scale flat-top Les Paul
                    - Maple neck with maple fingerboard, 22 stainless steel jumbo frets, star inlays, EBMM headstock w/ 4+2 tuners.
                    - Chambered swamp ash body, string through, finished in mary kaye white with a contoured heel.
                    - Rio Grande Muy Grande Telecaster pickups.
                    - Telecaster bridge, control plate and white tele pickguard (cut to fit LP shape).
                    - electro socket input jack

                    My Paulocaster will be completed soon...

                    For jazz, i'm still looking. I'm looking for a small-sized semi-hollow that will get me a rick dark jazz sound.

                    I think it might be either the Godin Montreal or the Godin Multinac Jazz.
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                      I own 2 out of 7.

                      PRS Singlecut and PRS Standard 24 i own.

                      I still want
                      Gibson ES-335
                      Gibson SG Supreme
                      PRS Singlecut Trem
                      PRS Standard 22 with Duncans
                      PRS Custom 24
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                        My dream guitar was always a Gibson double cutaway special type of guitar, which was finally realized when I got my Agile 2200jr. I know, not too exciting, but to each their own...


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                          My dream guitar is a Rickenbacker 380L.
                          No eternal reward will forgive us now for wasting the dawn.


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                            A Vigier Shawn Lane Model.

                            Originally by ssereb
                            hi! my name is n,n-dimethyltryptamine and i am the most likely cause of near-death experiences!

                            Originally by John S. Shinal
                            If you've been rolling in cash all your life, have a shiny new PRS and a boutique amp, a presitgious law degree on the wall, and are named Skip or Brad, you are not allowed to sing the blues, ever. Sorry.

                            Originally by csm
                            Yep, heavy flatwounds with a wound G. Neck PU, tone rolled off. And if your combo comes with a cover, leave it on.


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                              This is pretty close. It's my Yamaha SA-1200S. The only things I'd change would be the color (brighter red on the edges, looks almost black in most lighting), binding on headstock and dual block inlays. So basically a SA-2000S would be my dream guitar.
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                                i jsut got it today.

                                a dream amp rig, on the other hand...

                                Guitar w/ wireless

                                midi controlled amp switcher

                                Framus cobra head > 2 4x12s
                                5150> BBE > 2 4x12s
                                modified JCM 800(KT88s) > JMP-1 > 2 4x12s

                                no effects
                                for sale: v-amp pro(RACKMOUNT) like new - $125(shipped in CONUS)