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anyone else bandless???


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    Originally posted by AtomHeartMother
    I don't have people to play with either. Everyone seems either:

    A. Play emo/pop punk
    B. Plays good music...but is 40+ years old

    Oh well....

    What is wrong with playing with someone 40+ years old? When I was young I played with older guys all the time.

    But to tell the truth, I'm not too interested in playing what most of my 40+ contemporaries are playing either. I have a neighbor with a great voice who plays great guitar and KB but he's into the James Gang and covers of old stuff that we were listening to 20 or 30 years ago. I want to play my own tunes and jazz.

    I have a band but the only way I can motivate these guys is to get paying gigs - They actually think they're going to make money at this! This is why I have solo acoustic arrangements for all of my tunes. A band sure does put it over a lot better though!

    Oh well, I guess it's some consolation that I do get people who want to play with me - They just always seem to assume that I've got all sorts of gigs lined up!


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      me, got to make a band, and stop wanting to play everything!
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        I haven't had a band in a really long time and it pains me, because it's the thing that makes me the most happy.


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          I was in a band my freshman year of college, but when that one broke up I decided I wasn't really going to try for another band until after I graduated because of time constraints. I'm graduating next month and hope to join or start something after I move and get settled. In the meantime, I've messed around with recording some, which can get very frustrating and not really as rewarding for me as playing in the band was (although it is still cool when a good recording comes together). Also, I've been taking vocal lessons and playing open mics recently. This is a nice way to get out and play at your convenience without a big time commitment, while keeping up your live chops/presence. It's also a good way to meet people to possibly form a band with.
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            I didn't even pick up a guitar till I was 24. But have always been a singer. I joined my first band at 25 and at 48 (turned just last month) and even though i live in Portland, Oregon (not a real music mecca except for Da Bluz) I have never been with out a band for longer than a few months. I can't even imagine not playing music live. When some younger folks on here trash the Stones, Aerosmith and others for still touring into their 50's and 60's, I just laugh to myself and say "just wait". Like peteN says, it gets in your blood. I never made a profit oner year from it, Hell the gig money gets eaten up on strings, and beer and misc parts alone. But I write off the loss every year and keep buying gear and making the best music I can. Someday it will end. But not for a long time. I'll start booking at retirement homes soo. Think about that. My parents grew up on 50's and early 60's rock. They are turning 70 soon. In ten years I'll be able to get bookings playin that stuff at retirement homes all over the place. Never stop, never quit, never give up.
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              You think you guys got it bad? Toronto, where I live, has absolutely ZERO people who want to play good old slutbanging (I nicked that off someone here, sorry, but I love it) heavy metal like Metallica, Megadeth, Sabbath, etc. I have found a lead guitarist who's into the same **************** I am, and I'm thankful for that much. Can't find a ****************ing drummer to save our lives.

              Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, either likes nu-metal garbage or, even worse, that hardcore/emo/screamo/woe is me bull****************. Seriously, Toronto has become the lame emo "I cut myself for attention" capital of the world, and it ****************ing blows. Noone listens to music for the music anymore, just to fit in with the scene kids and feel the need to be "alternative" and "different" regardless of the fact they are (or WERE) well-adjusted, middle-class kids.



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                i am bandless...

                that will change i when I go to japan this fall...

                and those who play anything punk ("woe is me lyrics")... I thank you. I thank you for leaving the good music to me!


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                  Originally posted by AtomHeartMother
                  Everyone seems either:
                  A. Play emo/pop punk
                  B. Plays good music...but is 40+ years old
                  Dude ..I feel totally bad for you.
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                    I've been bandless for years, no matter, gots my studio!

                    Check out a new tune I just put up over at SoundClick called Lost in Decision that features my POD 2.3 direct using a Mesa Rectalfire preset with some chorus and delay.

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                      Originally posted by LPbluesboy
                      i am bandless...

                      that will change i when I go to japan this fall...

                      and those who play anything punk ("woe is me lyrics")... I thank you. I thank you for leaving the good music to me!


                      you don't have any idea what punk rock is, do you?
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                        I sure could use someone to jam with in the Tucson, AZ area. PM if interested.
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