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  • Jeff Probst put you on the island

    Jeff Probst puts you on the island, with 17 other Survivors. You're gonna do the Survivor thing, just like on TV.

    HOWEVER ...someone has put in a good word for you, and Jeff is allowing you, and only you, to go to a nearby deserted island once every afternoon, to play the guitar! This will help you maintain that all-important mental strength and balance.

    There are two solid body electrics and two acoustics. All 4 guitars have an electric pickup of one sort or another. You get to take one of those little Roland battery operated amps with you, and Jeff supplies recharges as needed. Which of the 4 guitars in the poll will you choose?

    Remember, the $1 million prize depends on keeping yourself relaxed and confident and cool. You can choose only ONE guitar, and you must stick with your initial choice.
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    Originally Posted by Chicken Monkey

    I'd imagine that putting it in Denise Richards has the heroin-like effect of making you realize the rest of your life isn't worth living. Maybe that's just me.


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