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What is the BEST playing guitar EVER !!??

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    Back around 1978 or so I had this 1972 Gibson SG Proffessional. It was the one with P-90's and the guitar was top routed for the controls. It also had a bigsby. It was maybe the butt ugliest Sg ever built but that thing had a neck that was made in heaven. The action was so low that you could barely slip a piece of paper between the strings and frets and there was no fret buzz whatsoever.
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      The first one you play and the last one you ever play.


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        Squier Affinity Stratocaster


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          I'm quite surprised Jackson didn''t make that list... Soloists play themselves, you've just got to make "****************" faces while your holding it...
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            Les Paul Standard, 60's neck. I still get that warm fuzzy feeling every time I pick it up.
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              I haven't tried them all so how I should I know...

              but from the (electric) ones I've owned since I'm sixteen, the nominees are:

              - 3 Gibsons (SG custom, Les Paul and US-1)
              - 1 telecaster (the Real thing)
              - 1 Ibanez jazzbox (that one's a contender but...)
              - 1 Hagstrom Impala
              - 1 Aria "335"style
              - 2 Lags (french)
              - 1 Yamaha SA2200

              The enveloppe, please...

              ...Yamaha SA2200!!!
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                This is a tough one. I would have to agree that any model is the best that is set up for you. But, I have to say, for me, not Fender. I have never found a Fender that plays well. They sound fantastic, that is why I buy them, but they play for ****************. Ibanez and PRS Play great. People don't seem to like Ibanez, but they are so easy to play. Les Pauls are great, as well as the Flying V, both are tough when sitting though.
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                  1. 1990Washburn KC 70V with satin finished neck
                  2. 1957 Gibson ES 175.
                  3. D'Angelico jazz guitar (unsure of year)
                  4. 1954 Les Paul.

                  I own the Washburn.


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                    Originally posted by Dr. Tweedbucket
                    What is the best playing guitar you've ever played ?

                    NONE OF YER FRIGGIN BUSINESS!!!

                    LES PAUL CUSTOM


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                      Anything built in the Gibson factory between like, '59 and '66. imo.
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                        the other day i played this parker guitar and it played itself, but i don't really care for those.

                        i prefer thick, but not too wide necks, les paul 50s style.
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                          Guitars with multi-radius necks have the best action. I have 3 like that. Two are Carvins and one is a telecaster I custome made with a Warmoth neck. There is absoulutely no downside to a multiradius neck. Every guitar should have one regardless of the style you play. But few manufacturers bother because it's more complicated to make them that way and few people know/care about it. I heard Carvin quit making their guitars that way, but it might be just a rumor. Multi radius necks have a slight cone shape to the fretboard instead of a cylinder shape. The strings line up along the cone for lower action. The cone shape is better because it accounts for the neck's taper from headstock to body in the action.
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                            That's easy........AIR GUITAR........never hit a wrong note & can get any tone you like.

                  're new here.


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                              My washburn cs780

                              Agile valkyrie w/mighty mite p90s
                              Washburn Cs780
                              Ibanez GRX 40
                              Esp ltd H-1000

                              Fender deluxe 112 plus amp
                              Digitech rp100a


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                                gretsch anniversary model, i believe it was a '62. the best guitar i have ever played hands down.