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What is the BEST playing guitar EVER !!??


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  • What is the BEST playing guitar EVER !!??

    What is the best playing guitar you've ever played ?

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    Les Paul
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    Originally Posted by Chicken Monkey

    I'd imagine that putting it in Denise Richards has the heroin-like effect of making you realize the rest of your life isn't worth living. Maybe that's just me.


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      PRS Standard 24.
      Wide Thin neck. Warm tones. Insanely versatile. Does everything from blues to death metal perfectly.

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        For me, the most comfy guitars I've tried have been my Ibanez Talman and MMM1. Both have slim but not skinny necks with a flattish back and a light finish, and neither is particularly heavy.
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          I've got a mid-80s Kramer Focus 2000 with a late 80s HM Squier neck. It's definately my favourite...

          and it has a Buzz Lightyear tone control.
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            Speaking specifically to playability, the Ibanez Wizard necks are the best I have ever played.

            Naturally it comes down to personal taste, but I have been playing for more than thirty years and gigging for more than twenty five and in that time have owned MANY guitars including all the big ones.

            The Ibanez is the one I prefer.
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              The one setup to my preferences.
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                Originally posted by Forbidden
                Les Paul

                I second the motion !


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                  Originally posted by LaXu
                  The one setup to my preferences.
                  Agree 100%!

                  Once they're setup proper, they all play like buttah...
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                    Fender Jazzmaster.

                    Nice 60's C neck. The body shape is very comfortable, doesn't look too small on my 6'4" profile, and it stands out from all the other Fender and Gibson shapes out there. The neck pickup tone is about as good as electric guitar sounds get imho, the mid position sound can't be found anywhere else, the tremolo works perfectly, and the behind the bridge sounds open up even more possibilities.

                    Perhaps not the most "versatile" guitar around, but it's close, and works for everything I personally care about doing. Definitely a pain in the ass to setup though, but they're worth it.

                    The Jags would probably get my vote if it weren't for the shorter scale.


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                      Any one of those guitars in the list could play like stool with a lousy set-up.

                      Many guitars not on your list could play like butter with the right set-up.

                      My vote overall: Tom Anderson's creations.
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                        Another vote for any decent guitar properly set up. I'd rule out Les Pauls though because of the limited upper fret access.

                        Flying Vs should be on your list. At least the one I have is effortless.


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                          That's like asking for a poll of what the best food ever is! (meaning its SO subjective)


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                            Originally posted by Jeff5
                            That's like asking for a poll of what the best food ever is! (meaning its SO subjective)



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                              pick a model, as long as it is USA.
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