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  • Ebay shipping question...

    As a policy I block international bidders as it can be a pain in the ass to ship abroad. However, I have a bidder in Australia who wants to bid on my pickup. He says that I would just ship it to family members in MN instead. Would it be a bad idea to do this? Also, would I get hit with more Paypal fees from Australia?

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    I recently sold a pickup to someone in Germany and they had me ship it to a friend in New Jersey, which worked out for me.
    I don't see it as being a problem. I probably wouldnt do it with an expensive item but it was just a pickup.


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      I sold a guitar on ebay to a guy in Finland. He arranged for TNT to pick it up from my house, ship it to his workplace and he paid the delivery charges when he recieved the item. I didn't even have to take it to the Post Office or anything!

      Which doesn't help you at all, but it's a nice story.
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        FWIW: The most common scam out there is for an internation buyer to contact someone and tell them they have someone stateside that will ship it for them. usually they send a bad bank check or some other bogus form of payment. by the your bank rejects it, your item is long gone. I'm just sayin' seller beware.