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Schaller Bridge with Fine Tuner Tailpiece - NE1 Tried One?


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  • Schaller Bridge with Fine Tuner Tailpiece - NE1 Tried One?

    These look interesting. Do you have to cut the string like a floyd and use an allan key to screw it down? Could they be used in a Jackson SLSMG string through? Thanks for the opinions.


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    You don't have to cut anything. The end ball of the string just fits in the little levers that are adjusted by the screws, fine tuning your guitar.

    I ordered that exact same one in gold for my Yamaha SA2200 and the spacing was right but when I tried to install it, the post wouldn't screw in the thread of my guitar and the tail piece itself won't fit in the "gibson sized" posts. I tried carefully to remove from the guitar the piece that has the threads but it wouldn't come off without a fight and I didn't want to risk damaging my instrument so I gave up on them. Too bad because they felt like real quality. The Gibson TP-6 does the job but is not as elegant a design as the Schaller.
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