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Gremlin guitars??


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  • Gremlin guitars??

    Has anyone out there ever heard of Gremlin guitars? I saw one at a pawn shop for $50.00 nice shape, neck wasn't warped, good action and a whammy bar to boot so I picked it up thinking it would be a cool starter guitar for my 9 yr old nephew...
    I went home and plugged it into a distortion pedal & into a channel on my Yorkville MP8DX powered mixer and the thing just sounded bad a$$ heavy...grungy & heavy, much more then I ever would of imagined for a $50.00 mystery guitar.

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    Cheap very entry level instruments from the 80s.
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      Yes, another gremlin exists!! My drummer plays guitar a bit and he has a gremlin. We actually use the term to describe killer guitars. Obviously it's not a high grade guitar but a great beginner. His gremlin has withstood many a drunken air-jam


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        Gremlins were around until a couple of years ago. It was a house brand of Midco International, a large midwest music distributor. They were mostly downsized instruments for beginners, but some full sized instruments were around. They phased out the Gremlin name in favor of their newer J Reynolds brand. We were still getting Gremlin branded ukes at the store up until I left last year. Midco was purchased by Musicorp about 1-1/2 years ago, and are now the home of all of your favorite off brands like, Arbor, J Reynolds, JB Player, Amigo, lauren, etc.

        The Gremlins were very entry level, and some actually were o.k., but many were pretty poor in quality. Even the little kids didnt want a guitar called a Gremlin......


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          cool find- because i would be skeptical about the guitar based on the name - and the cars.