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Mighty Mite neck finish??


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  • Mighty Mite neck finish??

    Just got a new Mighty Mite Tele neck from gman.music on ebay. Nice neck, no finish on it whatsoever. Lately I've been using a wipe-on "Oil & Urethane" finish that the guy where I buy my hardwood recommended--The kind you wipe on, let dry, steel wool, repeat 3x, & you're done. Low gloss like a tung oil finish. Did a maple lap steel with it & it came out really good. Question is, what do YOU recommend to finish a raw maple Tele fretboard? BTW, here's what the lap looks like:
    Pedalap steel

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    Wipe on urethane finishes (mainly a product call Arm-R-Seal) are what I have used most on maple. I use the gloss finish, they build up fairly rapidly (3 regular coats seems splenty) and can be wet-sanded after curing. You will get witness lines but then you just apply a light coat of slightly thinned finish (I use a little mineral spirits) coat and allow that one to cure before final polishing.

    If you don't like gloss you can knock the sheen back to dull with fine steel wool then polish up to whatever level you desire.

    I find it to be a very attractive and durable finish. It also gives a nice feel to the back of the neck.
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