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  • The Spam Thread!

    Any SALE/TRADE spam outside this thread will be deleted. Thread will be reset @ ~115 posts.


    Mesa Tremoverb head

    Naylor amps

    Brown Fenders

    Hamer USA Cruise Bass, preferably 5-string

    Fender Japan Tele Custom, Esquire

    Hoover-era Zion w/ at least 1 & 11/16" nut

    Roscoe guitars and older basses

    Godin ST &TC Sig/Artisan/IV


    S1520/2540 (NO WAVE INLAYS - pre '01 only)
    MIJ AX models
    TC825, 830

    Jackson USA H, S-H, or H-H strat (no Dinky bodies!), w/ at least 1 & 11/16" nut, no super-thin necks - good player's condition ok (no breaks, please), but price should match

    SD Lil' '59N, white

    Ibanez 10/L Series pedals, HD-1500 Harmonic Delay unit

    Jacques Meistersinger

    2 Emi Tonkers or 1 Celestion G12M 70, I think I need 16 ohm, will check tomorrow.
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    (and why 115 posts? Why not every 1st of the month?)


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      Alright, the second wave of gear purging this year. I've sold five of my guitars earlier this year. Selling some more to thin the herd, and trying to start saving to buy a house soon.

      1. 1993 Hamer USA Daytona - $600
      - Transparent Red finish
      - Ash body
      - Maple neck and fretboard
      - Sperzel locking tuners
      - Wilkinson Trem (Don't have the orignal trem bar, but I'm using a Fender trem bar which works fine)
      - 3-ply WBW Pickguard
      - Lace Sensors Silver/Gold/Red (Don't have the original pickups)
      - Modified electronics so that the 2nd Tone knob works for the bridge pickup in position 4 and 5, and works for the middle pickup for other positions.
      - Original Hamer Case
      - This discontinued guitar is in excellent condition with minor playing wear, but no dings or chips on it. I don't have the back plate anymore, but you can easily find a replacement for it.

      2. 1993 Ibanez RT650 - $300
      - Transparent Blue Finish
      - Original Ibanez pickups
      - Non Original Hard Case
      - This guitar has been played! A few big chips and small dings on the body, but the neck is clean. No breaks or repairs.

      I just found the complete specs here

      3. 1995 Heritage H-550 - $1400
      - Sunburst finish.
      - 20 frets.
      - Laminated maple top.
      - 2 volume and tone controls.
      - 3-way selector switch.
      - 2 chrome humbucking pickups.
      - 3-piece curly maple neck with split block mother-of-pearl inlays on ebony fingerboard
      - Single venetian cutaway.
      - Grover tuners.
      - Original Heritage hardshell case.
      - Excellent condition. Some wear on the pickguard.

      4. 1998 G&L Legacy - $550
      - Cherry Sunburst Finish
      - Ash Body
      - Maple neck and Rosewood fretboard
      - Graphite saddles
      - Non-original Hard Case
      - Guitar is in excellent condition with minor playing wear, but no dings or chips on it.

      5. 1998 MJ Mirage Rally - $1350

      - Red finish
      - Maple Top
      - Semi Hollow PoplarBody
      - GLUED IN Maple Neck
      - Rosewood fingerboard
      - Chrome Hardware / VS100 Tremolo / Gotoh Self locking tuners
      - Seymour Duncan Alnico II Pro pickups
      - 25 1/2" scale length - 22 frets (Dunlop 6150 med. - jumbo)
      - Width at the nut - 1 11/16"
      - Body width (thickest point) - 1 3/4"
      - Body width (widest point) - 12 1/2"
      - Overall length - 37 1/2"
      - Average weight complete - 7.5 lbs.
      - Original hardshell case and transferable lifetime warranty.
      - The guitar is in excellent condition with no dings, chips only a few light playing scratches that can easily buffed out

      6. 2004 G&L Comanche - $850
      - Transparent blueburst finish.
      - Swamp ash body
      - Figured maple neck and fretboard
      - 3 magnetic field design Z coil pickups in black
      - Graph tech nut
      - 5-position pickup selector plus mini-toggle switch enabling additional pickup combinations of neck+bridge or all 3 pickups together, volume, PTB system.
      - Includes original case, trem-bar and certificate signed by Mrs. Fender.
      - Flawless in appearance and could be sold as new

      Prices are with shipping in CONUS.
      More pics can be found here
      Email for more pictures and questions to klesmana AT gmail DOT com.

      GoodDeals:luker_X, nevermind,mjb1967@hotmail, jlw001, jetagegreg, mfergel,jholiday,SgMaster,1972guitars,troublehead, korn2125, TomCray,waveman,uOpt, geekocaster,dangolguitartec,wtdpblake, ikeyedyourcar8i,bigrob91,Guttermouth

      Rittenhouse Strat, PRS Cu24, Fender Jazz Bass, Carvin CL450, CA GXi
      Heritage Victory, '65 Deluxe Reverb, Tech21 Trademark 60

      '87 Gibson ES335 - $2500
      '09 Guild D55 - $1500
      '92 Ibanez FGM100Y - $750


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          WTB, steinberger or any other headless guitars.
          Got any of dem french fried purtaters?


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            Morley Bad horsie wah with power supply 35 bucks.
            HCONOB membah
            HCDTC I was there and I won!!
            Mr. Midnight Magic Bacon Explosion Hamolition Man.


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              References: cobrahead1030, jonny toetags, cloudnine, metalmonster069, plastic baby, DirtyChains, Evan666, gregovertone, SlidemanSloth, garfight, Megadeth7684, silverkw, JackBootedThug, Everlone, Kung-Fool...


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                just put this on ebay

                http://cgi.ebay.com/Gibson-Les-Paul-Standard-Flame-Top-Seymour-Duncans_W0QQitemZ7344915311QQcategoryZ38086QQrdZ1Q QcmdZViewItem

                Item # 7344915311



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                  Soundclip I made today : single coil bridge pickup showing example (in order) of clean guitar no effect, fuzz on, guitar volume rolled back, and with wah pedal


                  Soundclip #2: bridge humbucker, Monsterpiece NPN FUZZ


                  Builder of Monsterpiece Pedals


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                    1998 Fender Custom Shop Relic Strat

                    2002 Les Paul Special Faded

                    PICTURES AND INFO AT:


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                      Check out my USA Standard Fat Stratocaster with Kahler Tremolo and Duncan Pickups! Here's the Ebay link: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=7344320810 One sweet guitar. Hate to see it go, but need more amps! Will trade for: Rocktron Vendetta Head or Engl Screamer or Thunder. Thanks for Looking.


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                        Dead Mint sage green metallic fat strat MIM, maple neck. low action ....

                        $295 + shipping in CONNUS

                        *EDIT* Gotta sell ... $300, shipping included in CONNUS

                        email gduchane@gmail.com

                        'Scuse meeee, while I zip my fly.
                        ... and some Tele Trash

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                          UK GUYS

                          See my sig!
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                            siggy wiggy
                            wanted : fender mim strat and cheap small tube amp. epiphone galaxies, pignoses, etc..


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                              02 Les Paul custom wine red. Exellent shape just a little wear on the gold trim, very light pick scratches
                              their coming to take me away ha ha