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Marshall VS412 Cab decent?


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  • Marshall VS412 Cab decent?

    (I now this isn't the right forum for this, but I am not getting much responses in the others)

    Ok so I originally planned on getting an avater 2x12 for roughly $400. This is for my bandmaster head.

    I go into guitar center tonight, and found a marshall cab that was hidden behind a stack of amps, and it had no price tag.

    I talk to my boy tommy and he can get it for me at 150 after tax. So I get pretty ecstatic and immediately put it on layaway.

    Well I get home and check out the reviews on the cab, and there is a lot of **************** slinging about this cab. Its about half the weight of a 1960A, I concerned about the sound of the cab itself.

    The speakers will get me by until I can load some greenbacks or something better in it. so thats not a factor.

    I can back out of the layaway if its not a good deal. But I can't find much info on the forums about this cab. Keep in mind I would love a 1960A Cab, but it seems like it would suit my needs since I am on such a tight budget.

    Any clues?