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    Has anyone here found a US distributor for Tagima guitars? I sure as hell can't find much info on them and they don't seem too interested in answering thier emails from their own website.

    I really want one of those K1/K2 models but I don't really know how to go about getting info on the purchase price and where to order one, etc... Do any of you guys know how to order one? Google has been of no help whatsoever.

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    Ive checked their website out too, no idea how to get 1 though.

    Maybe try looking for some Brazilian guitar shops, or e-mailing the guitarist from Angra (he endorses 'em) or somethin....


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      Yeah Kiko Louriero... I guess I could try that angle but I would think they must have some sort of U.S. distributor.


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        Anyway thanks Jbird...love the avatar btw.


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          Go to Brazil and get one there. I just returned from a two-week stay (and, of course, a Tagima came back with me!) and the trip is well worth it - not only for the guitar

          Go down, get some good Brazilian beef, and bring back a nice geetbox. Exchange rate is a little better than 2:1 right now, so you won't have to spend too much. Life is good. Be blessed!


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            Originally posted by eldanko21
            Go to Brazil and get one there.

            Just don't get kidnapped.


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              It has been a long time since your posts, but Tagima is finally here in USA & Canada. You can find the models at shop.e-chords.com.
              The distribution center is in California.
              phone: 949 292-8494.
              Hope it helps!!


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                Sorry but I strongly doubt the OP or anyone else is still looking for Tagima guitars after 10 years. Not an auspicious first post.