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New Guitar Day! VG Strat.


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  • New Guitar Day! VG Strat.

    I'm the first on my block!!

    Originally posted by Mr.Mow
    the G string goes 'pwwwwiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnngggggg'

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    clips man, we need clips!


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      I think you are the only one on THIS whole block!

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      Originally Posted by Mike Fiasco

      DIY, the ultimate in wankery. Actually, wankery is the ultimate in DIY.

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        I'm the first on my block!!

        Wow...that is one versitile ax...modeling, alternate tunings...cool!
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          nice guitar, how do the alt tunings sound?

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            wow,Fender finally responds to the Variax! Post clips of this thing!

            Happy NGD!
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              I gotta hear this thing. Looks awesome man.
              Originally Posted by Pontius Pilate

              RUDE is exactly what we're going for. I'm talking "get her high on acid and tell her that her mom died" type of rude.

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                Elderly only has them as special order!!! I'm gonna ask em WTF that's about next time I go in there!!
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                Originally Posted by Mr.Strat

                screams are gayer than a gay 69. if you are gonna sing, please do it right!


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                  Well I have to say this VG strat looks much, much better than Variax but I still think I would pass and buy something else for that kind of money.

                  anyway HNGD !!

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                    Originally Posted by guitarkid
                    is this serious or him being an ****************************?

                    Originally Posted by Alchemist
                    go easy on him, he might just bust out his move
                    I'm assuming thats when he goes into the fetal position, sticks his thumb up his ass, and cries until you leave him alone

                    Originally Posted by Rhone
                    A lot of time and effort has gone in to 'updating' this site just so that one dude can upload his Nam video from his motel room


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                      Let me say first and foremost that I was born a Strat guy and will die a Strat guy. Since buying my first Strat, I've always had at least one, and always will. I have 3 right now.

                      But I've also become a Variax guy - I have 2 of them that I gig with. When you compare the price of the VG Strat to a Variax, and compare the features, I think the Variax offers way more bang for the buck (in fairness you have to compare a Variax 600 or 700 - not the low-end 300).

                      The higher end Variax guitars are very nice instruments, well crafted, like the VG Strat is I'm sure. But here's what the Variax gives you that the VG Strat cannot, and for a lot less money:

                      1) More guitar models - Gibsons, Gretschs, Fenders, Danelectros, Resonators, Banjos, Sitars, acoustics...plus the added bonus of being able to make your own from scratch and store them onboard.

                      2) More alt tunings - I think from what I've read the VG Strat comes with some preset alt tunings, but with the Variax, you can make your own - anything you want across a two octave range.

                      Congrats on the new guitar though, I'd be interested to know how it sounds after you've had some time with it.



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                          Awesome! Man I would love to hear that thing in action
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                            I'm jealous. I know the variax does more, but that strat is stunning. Please let us know how it sounds!
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                            Originally posted by geek_usa

                            That's damn near sig worthy

                            but seriously, don't you think just maybe, possibly, quite interestingly enough, it could be YOU?

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                              Ra_, I'm about to call monroe county sheriff to confiscate your weed, man.