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Yamaha Lord Player (Les Paul) - how to load it up?


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  • Yamaha Lord Player (Les Paul) - how to load it up?

    I just bought a 1983 "lawsuit" Yamaha Lord Player 600 on Ebay. From everything I've read, these were as good, if not better, than most Gibsons. I cant wait to get it. It currently has no pickups, pots, knobs..

    I havent bought pups for a long long time. I'm primarily a strat player and have been happy with my strats.

    Any suggestions? I've got a friend who is insisting I should get Lollars. Are they that much better? I know tone is very subjective... I do want to be able to get as much variation as I can with coil tapping, etc. I've read about the Jimmy Page setup with more combinations than I could keep stright in my head.

    Just looking for some opinions and ideas.


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    Most people on here would probably reccommend GFS pickups.

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      seymour duncans


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        Gibsons Burstbucker Pro's or Duncan 59 set. The JB sounds good in a LP too but im not a big fan of them.
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          Can you explain the differences in these pups? I'm not a heavy player and am not looking for a metal tone. I like 70's rock sounds like Eagles, Doobies, ARS, etc. I love Robben Ford's lead tone (of course, most of that is his fingers..). I like listening to some heavier stuff like Satriani, but that's not the tone I'm shooting for.



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            read the descriptions/specs and hear the sound samples of the pickups in the vintage section


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              Search e-bay for some old Gibson pickups. If that's the tone you like, go for the original deal. I saw a set of T-top Gibsons go for around $100 last week. The best humbuckers I've ever used are some Gibsons from the 80's with a circuit board on the back. They were designed by Bil Lawrence when he worked for Gibson in the 80's. I replaced my T-Tops with these, and I play mainly the music you cited (mostly 70s, some 80s).

              Otherwise, the Gibson Burstbucker 1, 2, and 3 pickups are supposed to be close to the PAF sound on the early Les Pauls. They vary in "hotness" from 1 to 3. Get a 1 & 2 or a 2 & 3 and put the hotter one in the bridge position.

              I'm not sure about Lollars, Bare Knuckles, or other high-end pickups, but they do get great reviews. There are some "smaller" makers around, too. "High Order" pickups are supposed to be good, and some guy who frequents these boards winds pickups that sound pretty sweet on the soundclips from his site. I can't remember his name, but I'm sure someone will chime in who knows him or his site. You can get most of these pickups in 4 conductor (which I'd recommend), so you can split them or wire in parallel (more "Grestch" or "Rickenbacker" -esque), as well as series (standard humbucker wiring). Of the Gibsons mentioned above, only the circuitboard ones come standard with 4 conductor wiring. If you don't care about splitting or other wiring options, I'd probably go for the Burstbucker 2 & 3 (not the BB Pros/V), myself.

              Another very "PAF" sounding pup is the SD Seth Lover set. Those are supposed to be pretty nice, from what I've heard.
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                Get Jon from JS Moore Pickups to wind you some


                Tell him about the guitar, about the amps you use, what sound you like etc .. and he'll give you the perfect prescription.

                He did a set of P-90's for me that are ridiculously good.
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                  Congrats on the new guitar. That thing looks very nice indeed.
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                    I was watching that auction.....
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