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May SPAM thread- started May 1st


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  • May SPAM thread- started May 1st

    Zoom g9 for sale. 299 shipped. I paid 399 for it new from Bill Music Shop in Baltimore Maryland. Includes original box and power supply. Barely used. Im going with a variax/xt live combo so I dont need this, even though many of the tones are superior and warmer.
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    Spam on!

    - Ged
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      Zoom g9 for sale. 299 shipped. I paid 399 for it new from Bill Music Shop in Baltimore Maryland. Includes original box and power supply. Barely used. Im going with a variax/xt live combo so I dont need this, even though many of the tones are superior and warmer.

      got any pics and is there anywhere i can hear sound samples of this unit?
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        Telecaster stuff in Sig.


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          Duncan Designed HB102 Set I pulled from my Schecter Tempest. 4-Conductor wiring, based on the JB/Jazz set. Not bad sounding at all, though I did obviously replace them. Sometimes I think I tweak for tweaking sake. Looking for a Digitech Hot Head distortion pedal, or $45 shipped via priority mail. Would consider other fun pedals as well...

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            2004 Fender Stratosonic with Black Dove P90s. Waited forever (like 5 months) for this to come in from Fender, and when I opened the case, it had two chips on the back. It was either take that guitar or get chewed out by my store manager (I worked at GC at the time). Besides the chips, its in great condition. $770 shipped.


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              Nau Engineering PlexiSonic 1987 clone. Brand spanking new.

              This is the exact same amp I had John Build me, but in a head version. This one also has more John Nau'esque amp look to it rather than Marshall, but it is 100% Marshall circuit. Only with a couple volume mods.

              This is the amp that made 70's rock and late 70's/Early 80's metal.

              Marshall "Plexi" 1987 clone. Patterned from a late 60's Marshall 1987
              Hand wired point to point
              50 watts
              Half power pentode/triode switch
              Post Phase Inverter Master Volume (out of circuit when on 10)
              Nau 6 step attenuator (out of circuit when on postion 6)

              This thing growls. Here are some clips I made with mine at Bedroom volumes. When opened up, this thing screams. Slap the Masters on 10 and you get the best hard rock gains ever. And with a boost you can get the tightest higher gain tones ever. Everything from Van Halen to Morbid Angel.

              Dirt clip at bedroom volume
              Clean clip at bedroom volume

              $1000 even plus shipping. This is an amp that most boutique builders would charge double that for if not more.

              PM me if interested

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                My SG for your Sunburst Strat:
                I have a new-condition Gibson SG Faded (in brown), a VERY resonant, nice-playing SG that I'd like to trade for a sunburst (3-tone, 2-tone, Sienna, Tobacco, etc.) Stratocaster. Can be maple or rosewood board, MIM, MIA, MIJ, whatever. +/- cash to make deals more even. SG includes nice hardshell case too. Let me know what you have (Fenders, ESP, Warmoth projects, etc.).
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                  Fender US Telecaster, seafoam green! Price Drop to $725 shipped!

                  This has become my #1 guitar in the past year. Originally built as a mod project for my website, I ended up loving her so much that I have been playing her ever since.

                  The body is a US Fender Tele refinished in seafoam green nitro. The pickups are from OC Duff. The neck is a Warmoth, and the nut is an Earvana. Oh yeah, and the tuners are Sperzels locking tuners... It's all top of the line, people.

                  $775 shipped to the CONUS. PRICE REDUCED

                  See the entire build and all the hardware used more in detail here.

                  Wanna hear what the guitar sounds like? Follow this link

                  US Fender Telecaster w/ P90s... Price Drop to $525 shipped!

                  A one of a kind, this guitar was built for my website. It is made of a US Fender Telecaster body in Candy Apple Red, an All Parts neck (maple/rosewood) finished by Rob D from Fret Tech, GFS Dream 90 pickups, and gold hardware... a classic beauty! You can see the build project and pics of all the parts here.

                  $550 Shipped to the CONUS.

                  Wanna hear what the guitar sounds like?


                  Danelectro U2 in Aquaburst! Price Drop to $225 shipped!

                  Boy, you don't see these all that often, especially not in this sought after color. Jimmy Page used Danos back in the day, and Mark Knopfler used one in his latest record. This one is set up for slide, but does not see a lot of playing time, primarily because I have a Strat with lipstick pickups that I play the most for this sort of sound, so this one has to go...

                  $275 shipped to the CONUS

                  Pics are available here and here.

                  Robert Cray MIM Strat, sunburst, with SKB Hard Shell Case.

                  Fabulous guitar, comes stock with Fender Custom Shop pickups and US parts. My understanding is that they are only assembled south of the border.

                  Look at that wood grain!

                  Soundclip here.

                  Fender Buddy Guy Strat, with hard shell case.

                  Always wanted a Buddy Guy strat, but they don't make 'em like I want 'em. The US Series I can't find with the polka dot body, so I bought a MIM Fender Buddy Guy body, and built my own. I bought a US Fender Buddy Guy sig neck - with that glorious "V" shape - for $350. I installed three Gold Lace Sensors with the Clapton boost thingy. In other words, it's just like a US Buddy Guy strat, except that the body is MIM and has the polka dots I love so much.

                  She's on the left in that picture:

                  PRICE REDUCED: $799 shipped

                  Offers welcome. Trades not as much, but I'll listen... especially if it's a Reverend! Thanks


                  Squier JagMaster
                  Robert Cray neck
                  All parts Tele neck
                  GFS Vintage 62 Alnico bridge pickup
                  Les Paul Special

                  The rest is still available! Prices Reduced 5/04...
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                    JSD's Guitar Shack, your Canadian online source for great guitars.

                    Check out the site at www.jsdguitarshack.com and feel free to contact me by e-mail or phone if you have any questions or are interested in anything. Lots of great guitars in stock and I ship world wide.

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                    Our main feature, check out the site for more info on these beauties, its an all new guitar line thats sure to please, Roxbury Custom Shop Guitars. Available in many styles and finishes from flame tops to solid colored customs, gold tops, spalted maple tops and others. Take a chance on a new line, you won't be sorry. Feel free to contact me for more info on these or any other items on the site.

                    Here is one of the singlecut Roxburys with a Wilkinson trem in the ever popular Vintage violin flame top finish.

                    Your online source for great guitars
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                      (1989?) Kramer bass with hardshell case. Case has battle wounds, but keeps the guitar safe.

                      Strings seem fresh.

                      Nice player!


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                        BUY THIS!!!

                        Make an offer. Open for trades.


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                          I'm looking to sell my Hagstrom Viking. $300 takes it (shipping included to CONUS)

                          This is a 2006 model semi-hollow body with 2 humbucker pickups. With a centerblock, very much like an ES-335. The sound is good, action is fast. maple neck (a little thinner than a typical Fender, thicker than a typical Gibson), maple body. The body is black with cream colored binding. Plastic is still on the pickups and pickguard.

                          I bought this guitar and only played it a couple times. I like this one a lot, but realistically between my Gibson and Rick hollowbodies I can get all the tones this guitar gets.

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                            Schecter Tempest Custom. Comes with hardshell case. $430 shipped in the continental US.
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                            SPAM:Crate Blue Voodoo half stack. 60watt head with 2 channels. 4x12 cab with celestian v30's. Great shape. $500 local pickup only in West Michigan.


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                              Got a new matched quad of Shuguang EL34B's I'll let go for $40 shipped. I bought these for my DSL100 and they were never installed. Sit on my shelf since I got them.
                              I'll consider trades for (I'll throw in some cash if necessary)
                              Duncan JB or Distortion or Custom bridge pickup
                              Dimarzio Super Distortion
                              GFS Fat PAF or Crunchy PAF
                              pedal EQ
                              New Matched quad of JJ EL84's
                              Celestion G12T-75 16 ohm
                              Eminence GB12 or V12 16 ohm
                              Tell me what you got.
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