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  • 24" Scale Guitars

    Besides the Guild Brian May reissues and Fender's Jaguar, Mustang, and their ilk, are there any other guitars with a 24" scale neck?

    Preferrably not a Daisy Rock

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      Check out this site: ShortScale.org

      Here are some of the guitars they list on their forum index: "Talk about the original short scale guitars. Mustangs, Duo-Sonics, Musicmasters, Jaguars, Broncos, Jag-stang, Jagmaster, Super-Sonic, Cyclone, and Toronados."
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        I was going to say Gibson Byrdland but I looked it up and it's only 23 1/2".


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          I don't know if this counts a non-Fender: The Squier Jagmaster.

          Peavey T-15s are 23.75, I think.
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            Does that mean you could put 12's on a jaguar and get even thicker than a les paul?