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What the---, my Amp is picking up radio signal!!!


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  • What the---, my Amp is picking up radio signal!!!

    Hi all,

    I recently moved from Mass to Louisville KY area, and I now have a problem with one amp that used to be perfect before the move.

    The amp is Marshall 5210 50W solid-state. Ever since the move, I can now hear a radio station from my amp (AM, I think) when I turn it on.
    The radio sound is totally independent from the amp's volume. Even with the master volume at 0, I can still hear it. And it's not a faint sound. It's pretty noticeable.

    Can anyone tell me how to fix this problem??
    What the heck is going on with my amp???

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    Go and audition for Spinal Tap!

    Sorry..not helpful.
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      You might try to move it to another area of the room. I've heard a lot of people have this problem. For a while I had an amp in the living room by the window and I caught some AM radio pretty clear.
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        I think you might be too close to a transmission tower. You might try finding the sweet spot in your house where there is no effect. Chances are it isn't in the band room.

        You're sure it isn't a bad cable. Or lousy solder joint in the guitar or amp.


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          I used to listen to Royals games on my old JCM800.
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            Are you also using single coil pickups?
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              A friend of mine lived near a large country western radio station antenna and had the same problem. We tried everything to shield it. We could minimize it, but never eliminate it. You might try to borrow another amp from a friend and see if it receives it. Also try to borrow a bass amp, the low pass filter may eliminate it.

              Here's what the FCC says:
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                I used to listen to Royals games on my old JCM800.

                First funny thing you've said since I joined the forum.


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                  Wait till you have a gig and that happens

                  I've got no helpful advise
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                    I live an apartment in NYC and that happens all the time through my Fender Pro Junior. Unfortunately, my neighbors listen to Spanish-language radio all the time, so I can't really enjoy it. Try raising it up off the floor or moving it to a different part of your house.

                    As a side note, there's nothing funnier than Telemundo coming through behind Merle Travis licks.
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                      Are you also using single coil pickups?

                      Happens to me all the time through my Gibson LP Studio.
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                        Thanks for all your replies, guys!!!

                        Well, I tried in different room and also at my friend's apartment, which is only about 1-mile from my place.
                        All with the same result. And it seems to be the same station.

                        I'm using both HB and single coil. But this happens even WITHOUT guitar cable plugged in.

                        BUT, my other amp (Behringer GMX 210), which is right next to my Marshall 5210, is dead quiet with no radio coming through.

                        Maybe, I need to do some shielding job on that Marshall? Anyone can tell me how/where to shield?

                        Thanks again!!!


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                          I actually have had this problem twice.

                          When I was in high school I bought this mini marshall stack that had 1 watt and like a 3 inch speaker. Anyways whenever I'd turn it on I'd hear talk radio!

                          This doesn't have anything to do with guitar but years later I bought this huge altec lansing speaker system for my computer at best buy and the radio stations were killing me! I had to turn my music to 4 so I could not hear the damn music on the radio! I did everything including moving my speakers as far apart as possible, moving the subwoofer, etc.

                          Nomatter how hard I tried I couldn't get rid of the radio station and I had to put up with it the remaining 2 or 3 years I lived in that apartment.


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                            Its Kentucky. get out of Kentucky!


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                              Might be a grounding problem...but if you tried it at your friend's house, and still had the problem...man, that's crazy. I had that problem with an old Roland amp I had, and changing from my old Peavey cables to Monster cables helped out a lot.
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