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August SPAM Thread - Now With 34% More SPAM!


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  • August SPAM Thread - Now With 34% More SPAM!

    All SPAM belongs in this thread only. Any SPAM threads started separately outside this thread will be deleted or marked as sold.

    This goes for trade spam too, all trades belong only in this thread.

    Also, please don't post fake "Might be selling my guitar soon, need to know what it's worth" threads. We all know that is usually just disguised spam and if it is, it will be deleted as well. If you need to know what your guitar is worth, do a search on eBay for completed items.

    Thanks and may the best SPAM win.
    If you want to SAVE ROCK 'n' ROLL, Join The MAZI BEE KICK ASS MILITIA!!!

    **FOR SALE**

    more stuff soon

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    Wow, on time, too
    -- Rainer

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      Wow, on time, too

      If you want to SAVE ROCK 'n' ROLL, Join The MAZI BEE KICK ASS MILITIA!!!

      **FOR SALE**

      more stuff soon


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        Selling my USA Custom Shop Washburn nick cantanese signature idol. Immaculate condition, played maybe 10 hours. Comes with hardshell case, $1675 shipped.




        Selling my USA Dean Hardtail, excellent condition, comes with case. 1025 shipped in continental U.S.A.




        Also selling my 48th street custom strat, excellent condition. It has a humbucker that fits in the slot of a single in the bridge position, has push pull on the volume for splitting this humbucker into a single coil, so there are lots of variations on the possible tones. Alder body, maple neck, rosewood board. 440 shipped with gigbag. Comes with whammy bar.





        Also willing to listen to offers of trades. Send all offers to metallicarocks05@yahoo.com


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          For Sale:

          Jay Turser JT-55 SG, walnut finish, GFS Liverpools. All new electronics. Asking $200 + shipping

          Yamaha Strat copy, black, GFS Mean 90 bridge, GFS ProTube mid & neck with push-pull phase on bridge. All new electronics. GFS saddles. Asking $150 + shipping

          Both in excellent condition

          All reasonable offers considered


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            Fender Special Run Escrito Telecaster

            dead mint (plastic still on PG)

            [COLOR="Red"]SOLD !! in hard case, you pay -->>paypal .. I split shipping fees


            Description from Fender: Teles
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              Also willing to listen to offers of trades. Send all offers to metallicarocks05@yahoo.com

              Just wondering, did you think about previewing your ad before posting? No images, no active links. Tough to sell when the viewer has to do the cutting and pasting to see your guitar.
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                Hello y'all!
                Up for sale i have an Esp ltd horizon model in very good condition. This guitar sounds incredible, killer crunch all around. Swamp ash body, maple neck/rosewood board, Tonepros bridge, Emg 81s/18 volt mod, copper shielded cavity, sperzel locking tuners and brand new esp gigbag. It has a couple tiny dings/polishing marks throughout the body/neck, however, they are all very very small. I can take further pictures if you are really interested. I'm looking for $400 shipped. M.o's and cashier checks accepted, paypal please add 3%. Please feel free to ask any questions and thanks for looking!

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                For Sale:

                Check my posts or pm for threads/info


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                  UK SPAM

                  Yamaha RGX 320

                  heres the ebay link:http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&rd=1&item=160143201656&ssPa geName=STRK:MESE:IT&ih=006

                  if noone has bid on it, its available here for
                  www.myspace.com/se7enevermusic Original material
                  www.myspace.com/popkillermusic Covers
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                  Originally Posted by Gilgators

                  I now feel completely confident jumping to the following conclusion.

                  YOU, bigfatmonkeyboy, are .... Eric Idle's son!

                  Originally Posted by aenemated

                  you want the blocks? come get the blocks and don't **************** with me!


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                    Mint condition.. no ding. dents or buckle rash.
                    Wizard Prestige neck
                    Dimarzio Fred Bridge-PAF Pro neck
                    Mahagony body/Arched Maple top
                    Gotoh tuners
                    Plays like budda
                    The case is also mint and one of the nicest I've ever seen for any guitar
                    PM me for more info or pics
                    $600.00 Shipeed and insured


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                      JSD's Guitar Shack, your online source for great guitars.

                      Check out the site at www.jsdguitarshack.com and feel free to contact me by e-mail or phone if you have any questions or are interested in anything. Lots of great guitar in stock and I ship world wide.

                      Check out the all the great styles of Dillion Guitars in stock available on site. I carry the original and the best Dillions in the replica styles you want and all Dillion guitars we carry here in Canada are covered by Dillion Canada's limited lifetime warranty.

                      Looking for a little practice amp, be sure to check out the cool new line of amps by Artec Amplifiers. Remember, FREE SHIPPING on all Artec amps within the US and Canada!

                      Our main feature, check out the site for more info on these beauties, its an all new guitar line thats sure to please, Roxbury Custom Shop Guitars. Available in many styles and finishes from flame tops to solid colored customs, gold tops, spalted maple tops and others. Feel free to contact me for more info on these or any other items on the site.

                      Here is one of the singlecut Roxburys in custom trim, classic black with gold hardware.

                      Your online source for great guitars
                      JSD's Guitar Shack / JSD's on Myspace


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                        Fender Strat neck

                        I'll consider anything made by Fender but MIM necks (except maybe Artist series necks). I'd also be interested in Warmoth necks and such. No cheap import necks.


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                          Boss BD-2 with Monte Allums H2O mod. Asking $60 or b/o, shipped conus for it. Shoot me some offers and we'll make a deal.

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                            [COLOR="Blue"]Gibson 490R (A2) neck pickup - [COLOR="red"]SOLD, thanks Start_Today11!

                            [COLOR="Blue"]White/black/white Tele pickguard routed for a humbucker in the neck (unused, plastic still on) - [COLOR="DarkOrchid"]$16

                            [COLOR="Blue"]Tortoise pickguard routed for a humbucker in the neck (unused, plastic still on) - [COLOR="DarkOrchid"]$16

                            [COLOR="Blue"]Duncan minihumbucker, Custom bridge - [COLOR="DarkOrchid"]$60

                            [COLOR="Blue"]************************************************** ************************

                            All prices include shipping within U.S.

                            International ok. If shipping is within $5, price is as listed.


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                              2006 Fender Blues Deluxe! Excellent shape!

                              Fourty watts of pure Fender tone. Warm tweed toned two channel amp with reverb and an effects loop. Upgraded very recently by replacing the speaker with a Celestion Vintage 30 speaker - it really smoothed out the tone! Comes with amp cover and foot switch (channel switch, reverb on/off) - still four years left on the warranty!

                              Asking $500.00 shipped OBO