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GFS Pickups for my MIM Strat


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  • GFS Pickups for my MIM Strat

    I have a new MIM 70's reissue strat, as i posted yesturday.

    Will 3 Overwound Strat Set- Reverse Wound- Black GFS pickups be better than the ones i currently have?

    Link to my post for pickup pictures: http://acapella.harmony-central.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1732839

    Help would be much appreciated
    Edwards v.white Custom Les Paul
    Fender MIM 70's Reissue Strat
    Kramer Aerostar ZX30 (Modded)
    Marshall TSL 100
    Big Muff USA
    Metal Muff
    Boss DD3
    Morley Classic Wah

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    It's never as easy as it looks...


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      'Better' would be kind of subjective. The ones in the guitar right now aren't bad at all but they have their own vintage tone. If that's not what you want then you might want to consider GFS models that are significantly different from it.


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        I have the GFS Premium Texas pups in a Squier standard LE strat- basically an overwound bridge and normal output neck and middle pups, they're good and still retain that strat sound. I have the first tone pot wired to be a master tone for all 3 pups and the second tone pot wired as a blender to dial in the neck pup into all switch positions, highly recommended and easy to do. I think more importantly for your guitar, the GFS pups are very quiet as far as single coils go.


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          I have a MIM '70s strat, olympic white with maple board, I love the stock sound of that guitar and have been perfectly happy with the stock pickups.

          If you are looking for more output, Try the GFS pickups.
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