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Shielded vs. Unshielded Cable?


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  • Shielded vs. Unshielded Cable?

    I have seen some schematics in product manuals where they recommend using shielded cables between guitar and amplifier input; and unshielded cables bewteen amplifier and speaker cabinet. Does anyone know the reason for this? What is the difference between a shielded and unshielded cables? Which should you use between effects or in an effects loop? Thanks.

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    In a nutshell ... the signal coming from the guitar is very weak ... electrical noise does nasty things to it ... hence you want shielded cable ... this applies also to all cables between effects and effects and amp. The cable between the amp and the speaker is everything but weak ... you need bigger diameter etc.
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      FYI: Shielding the guitar-amp cable is easy. Even the cheapest guitar cables are effectively shielded. The trick is having it shielded and with low capacitance. Capacitance in the guitar cable will deaden the higher frequencies. Capacitance increases with cable length.

      Avoid long, cheap guitar cables; you can hear the difference. This is why some cables are pretty expensive and some (Monster Cables) are also really thick.
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        Always use a shielded cable between guitar & amp.
        NEVER use a shielded cable from amp to speaker,
        2 core mains cable is good for speaker cable,
        the thicker the core the better.