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October SPAM thread: Get a free pumpkin with each guitar!*


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  • October SPAM thread: Get a free pumpkin with each guitar!*

    All SPAM belongs in this thread only. Any SPAM threads started separately outside this thread will be deleted or marked as sold.

    This goes for trade spam too, all trades belong only in this thread.

    Also, please don't post fake "Might be selling my guitar soon, need to know what it's worth" threads. We all know that is usually just disguised spam and if it is, it will be deleted as well. If you need to know what your guitar is worth, do a search on eBay for completed items.

    Also, this thread is for guitar related spam only. Any spam for items or services not related somehow to Electric Guitars will be deleted.

    Thanks and may the best SPAM win.

    (*free pumpkins are on backorder while our pumpkin factory is being moved, and will ship as soon as never.)


    NOS Les Paul Floyd Rose unit. SOLD!
    If you want to SAVE ROCK 'n' ROLL, Join The MAZI BEE KICK ASS MILITIA!!!

    **FOR SALE**

    more stuff soon

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    I got several sets of Tonerider pickups in. These are the bomb for the money. They are made with quality parts like Alnico magnets, Forbon bobbins, and quality wire. I have limited quantities till my next order. First come first serve. To check out descriptions and sound clips go to www.tonerider.com




    Single Coil:

    I have all the Strats except the Surfari On Order and limited quantity and both Tele sets.

    Strat Sets: $80.00 3.00 extra for Black, cream, and mint
    Tele Sets (nickel or gold): $65.00
    P-90's (cream/black): $76.00(cream/black)


    All Humbucker Sets are $60.00 without covers (zebra and black) and $70.00 for gold and nickel covers.

    ALnico IV: Are In
    Rocksong: Are In
    Genorator: Limited Quantities


    Precision-Plus Bass sets: $45.00
    Jazz Plus sets: $55.00 On Order

    Priced well below list Prices Includes Shipping! Price Listed is for a Complete Set!

    To ask a question email me at tonerider@rhfactorguitars.com

    Well guys, I have been conducting some research on the Trem King tremolo for some time now and I think this tremolo is absolutely awesome so I became a dealer. I have them in stock. You can check them out at http://www.tremking.com/index.html and they have a VIDEO you have to see! They also have installation instructions on the web site if you are curious. Pictures and Pricing below, PM or email me if interested. Price includes free shipping CONUS.

    Strat Trems:

    TK-1-CR: 112.00
    TK-1-BK: 119.00
    TK-1-GD: 126.00

    Tele Trems:

    TK-2-CR: 126.00
    TK-2-BK: 133.00
    TK-2-GD: 140.00
    Tonerider! "Pickups for the working musician"


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      Orville LP Custom has been sold locally

      I also have a Black Fender Standard FR Stratocaster for trade w/ hard shell case. This is a HSS MIM strat with a factory-equipped Floyd Rose. Selling this for $340 + shipping or trades.

      Here are some pictures (with case shown):


      Big plus if you're in the Washington DC metro area.
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        I make hand painted vintage style fuzzes: http://www.lowbroweffects.com


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          This isn't on ebay yet but will be soon...
          Eastwood VG6 Cherry Sunburst $275 (shipped)
          Eastwood's version of the Vox Phantom. I'm the original owner. Push/pull tone pot enables 7 pickup combinations. Very clean, nice neck with matte finish. A few light scuffs from use, 1 "ding" near lower strap button. No case/gig bag but will be carefully packed and shipped double boxed. Accepting Postal Money Orders or PayPal only. FedEx shipping to continental US addresses included in price asked for this one. PM me with any counter offers, questions or requests for additional pictures.

          (SOLD) DeArmond M-75T Champagne Sparkle (SOLD)

          (SOLD) Danelectro U2 in Commie Red (1990's) (SOLD)


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            JSD's Guitar Shack, your online source for great guitars.

            Check out the site at www.jsdguitarshack.com and feel free to contact me by e-mail or phone if you have any questions or are interested in anything. Lots of great guitar in stock and I ship world wide. Shipping is included in all guitar prices on site for the US and Canada!

            Its a good time to check out the Roxbury Custom Shop Guitars and get your best deal now on this great new line of guitars.

            Also check out all in stock Dillion Guitars and other guitars on site under Custom Shop or Acoustic.

            Contact me for your best deal on anything on site or if you have any questions. Sale ends Oct 7th.

            Heres the Roxbury Singlecut Guitars RX-80 P-90 Gold Top.

            Your online source for great guitars
            JSD's Guitar Shack / JSD's on Myspace


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              See the signature for pickups and other stuff.



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                I have two things up for sale:

                Firstly my Korg Toneworks ax1500g, which has just gone on ebay:

                http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&rd=1&item=110176283738&ssPa geName=STRK:MESE:IT&ih=001

                and also my ESP ECLIPSE 1 CTM - VINTAGE WHITE


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                  Comes with Hardshell, $320 shipped

                  Ibanez SZ320EX, $340 shipped w/ Hardshell

                  Shecter C-1 Diamond Series
                  Has some electronic issues, but other than that plays great and has really low action, $200 Shipped, gig bag

                  Also have a Black Squier Strat that has some electronic issues, just needs a new input. Make offer. It's a Squier from the early 90's.

                  Also have a used Shure PGX 14 Wireless Guitar System, $225

                  See SIG for other stuff. (Mesa Boogie F-100 head and Dual Rec 2x12 Cab)
                  Member of the Mesa/Boogie Mob

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                    see my sig, and PM for details

                    I'll work on getting some pics

                    Fender Tom Delonge Strat w/ Case

                    Vox Valvetronix 100W head w/ footpedal

                    Washburn WI-64 matte black w/ GFS crunchy


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                      EDIT: Updated with new information

                      BRAND NEW IN BOX Fender SCN Tele pickups on E-Bay

                      http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&rd=1&item=200161335616&ssPa geName=STRK:MESE:IT&ih=010

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                        Looking for a SD either a Jazz, 59 or some other neck pickup to go with a SH-6. Can be a 2 or 4 conductor. deancf@charter.net or pm. thanks. Dean
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                          I've got a Gibson SG-X Limited Edition Chocolate Brown in excellent condition, with the deluxe brown tolex/pink plush interior with pink satin sheet cover HSC. Never gigged. Beautiful guitar, monster tone from it's single coil-tapped T-500 humbucker. $550 delivered, or trade for Rickenbacher, Gretsch, Vox, an interesting Eastwood, nice Tele, or?
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                            See SIG,
                            DC in DC

                            Originally Posted by Mike Fiasco

                            DIY, the ultimate in wankery. Actually, wankery is the ultimate in DIY.

                            SPAM: My eBay Auctions!

                            My Good Dealings with, SPAM Thread, & Signature Quotes post

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