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Yamaha aes1200

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  • Yamaha aes1200


    I was wondering if anyone has experience with this guitar. There seems to be a real lack of information on the internet regarding this guitar. I can buy one second hand in mint condition for about 1500 euro's (1750$). It's from the 80's and built in Japan.

    Any thoughts, comments. etc. would be greatly appreciated.

    Kind Regards,

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    This one is going for $2200. Its an '86.


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      Never heard of it! Are you sure it's not an AE1200S?
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        I'm pretty sure it's the aes-1200. I wouldn't pay 1750$ for an ae1200s guitar. Martin Taylor apparently used this guitar for quite a while before he got his expensive custom made guitar.


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          there are plenty of folks paying that much for good Yamahas here in Japan, particularly the old ones. Love my Yamahas and wouldn`t trade em for anything. OK.....might trade em for a Ferrari, but thats it.
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            Hmm... It doesn't seem to be a very well known guitar, doesn't it Ivo.

            But the few reactions you've had are pretty positive. I wonder how it plays. Perhaps you could take a picture to show over here, I presume you're not planning on buying it straight away..
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              see if you can find it at this link provided by one of our upstanding members...no, it wasn`t me.

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                I own one here in New York. It will stand up to any Guitar doing Gigs in Manhattan. Clean action and cleaner sound. Al W.


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                  I own one here in New York. It will stand up to any Guitar doing Gigs in Manhattan. Clean action and cleaner sound. Al W.

                  wickeral, don't know if you noticed that this thread is from 2005.

                  Anyway, welcome to the board, post some pics of your axe in the Yamaholics thread!

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