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  • Mark Farner's Messenger Guitar

    After seeing Grand Funk Railroad several times since the 60s, I always wondered what kind of guitar he was playing. I finally found this information. It was an MIA Messenger. Here's some pics and info:




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    Thanks for the info UFO, I always wondered myself. Sounds like a kick ass guitar.
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      Mark Farner with a Veleno aluminum guitar.


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        Farner also used a Microfrets...

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          He did use other guitars later - but I saw them before their first album came out, and even after that. He always had the green one, which I now have identified as a Messenger.
          He is using a custom Parker Fly now according to recent pics.
          "I don't see anything wrong with idolizing the female genitalia" - Flea


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            Nice bit of research! I never knew what the hell he played..always thought it was some cheap japanese axe like a Kent or something. I never knew it was American made or had an aluminum neck. Who would've known?

            He eventually went to Valeno, Gibson L5S, Microfrets and now Parker.

            Brings back HiSchool memories..."Are you Ready?"....
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              You missed the Peavey Impact II in the '80s. He played it on a Nashville Now show and is in the picture on the cover of his Closer to Home Gospel tape.
              I keep the tape in my Impact II case with the identical guitar as on the cover
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                That's pretty cool stuff. I never knew what those marks (no pun intended) were on the front. I've got the live album (along with several others) and just assumed it was some random design. I never realized that it was just duct tape covering sound holes.

                I saw them in Atlanta in '97--the original lineup. He was, as I guess he still is, playing a Parker Fly. Too bad, I would love to have seen him playing that Messenger. Very distincitive tone indeed.

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                  I had a red Messenger guitar back in the day. It had stereo outputs (two 1/4" jacks), and was neck-heavy. The neck was also slightly longer than a standard neck. It was thin-sounding and very prone to feedback, which was why I sold it. They were built in Oregon as I recall... somewhere up the Columbia river gorge... Hood River I think. They also made these huge (solid state) guitar amps. I wound up selling it to the guitarist in a "girl band" for $200, including the original hardshell case.
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                    i can dig all Mark`s guitar exept PARKER FLY i know he needs this because the injury dammage ......but anyway sounds like a WEDDING BAND
                    and MARK FARNER can KICK ass i know with fguitar (messenger) back now
                    no more weeding soundNRG 0 old grand funk sound pronto!!!!!!!!!


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                      That's what I love about this forum. I wondered what that guitar was since High School. And I'm 52!!!
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                      if i was in the jungle and got stuck in quicksand... and someone reached out to me with that guitar and said "here, grab hold of this and i'll pull you out"... i'd try and remember the good times when the grainy goo filled my ears and nostrils


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                        I love Grand Funk!!!!!

                        I miss all that Fuzztone, not into the doom metal sludge
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                          There was a feature in Guitar Player about it within the last year or two.
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