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Where do you put your wah...


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  • Where do you put your wah...

    In your effects chain??

    Help a brotha out!

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    First - right after the guitar.
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        Before your distortion/boost/drive.

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        everyone has different gear and stuff like this tends to be quite subjective.

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          Where do you put your wah...

          That's a very personal question and I'd rather not answer in public.

          I've never really been much of a wah guy though. I tried either at the very front, or right behind the compressor and OD.
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            usually its under my bed actually. But if i do use it, its just guitar -> wah -> amp.


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              ... i only use wah
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                  Before your distortion/boost/drive.

                  Thanks. I had it backwards. Actually I've been thinking of taking it out of the chain completely. I just don't use it enough.
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                    second after the volume petal - I use a VOX wah wah
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                      Mine goes after my distortion pedal and before everything else.


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                        First thing in the chain
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                          I use mine after my fuzz/heavy distortion (my broad switches between a high gain FF clone or a Big Muff Pi) and before everything else. It's followed by a compressor to tighten up the wah low end and smooth out the overall volume through the sweep and then my overdrives are after that.


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                            I put my wah right after the guitar and put all my other effects in the fx loop. but sometimes i do move it around for some different sounds
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                              It's on my tonelab le...

                              but before I had that, it was first in the chain before my tubescreamer.
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