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Neck Radius...big difference for you?


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  • Neck Radius...big difference for you?

    Hey all,

    Just wondering if neck radii make a big difference for you when you play/decide on buying a guitar. I have 2 guitars, an Ibanez Artcore AF75d and a G&L tribute S-500. The S-500's neck radius is listed as 12" (304.8 mm) on their website. I'm not sure what the Artcore's radius is. It seems smaller though..definitely a different shaped neck.

    But here's the problem, I've been only playing my S-500 the past 5 days and the knuckle on my fretting index finger is painful and real tight when I wake up in the mornings. I can feel it now starting to tighten up after playing for about 2 hours. As long as I play it's fine. But once I stop after about an hour I can feel it tighten up. This never happened when I only had my Artcore.

    I'm just trying to figure out what the problem is... I love the S-500 because of the tones I get..but I might have to do something with it if this continues.

    thoughts?? and I don't want to throw it in the pond either...


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    it makes a huge difference to me. at has to have at LEAST a 12" radius, or else i won't go near it. some like a more rounded shape, others like flatter.


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      I love the ibanez radius, at least on the wiz2 that I'm familiar with. However, I noticed that after a few hours I could feel a little strain. I moved over to a fender and worked on my technique; no prob now.

      Not doggin ibby's, just my personal experience.
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        I used to think it was no big deal and that I could get used to any radius neck after playing the guitar for a while....

        I have recently changed my mind somewhat.

        The old strats had a 7.5" radius neck which sucked for lead work because the strings would fret out on a normal string bend unless your action was 10 stories high.

        Then they went to a 9 or 9.5" radius which was a little better but not by much. The more recent models with a 12" radius are much better but I prefer the 12-16" compound radius necks or a 16 all the way through.

        My Charvels and Jackson guitars feel 10 times better than any strat I have ever played and my hands and fingers dont hurt after playing them for hours on end (as is with the strats).

        I still love my strats but I am considering changing out the necks for custom Warmoth 12-16" compound radius necks. I can bend a string up 1 and 1/2 steps or nearly 2 whole notes without fretting out.

        Another thing I noticed is that if pulling up on the trem while bending a note, the strats ALWAYS fret out but the jackson/charvels do not.

        I am now a converted guitarist.


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          I like a 10 or 12. My new guitar has a 14, and my fingers seem to cramp after a while of playing it. So I guess I'll move back. Too bad to, cause I really like the guitar.


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            I need at least 9.5"

            I've owned those 7.25" vintage-style Fender necks and they fret out like there's no tomorrow.
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              I could care less about the specifics... I play it, if I like it, I buy it.

              It's just that simple.
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                it makes a huge difference to me. at has to have at LEAST a 12" radius, or else i won't go near it. some like a more rounded shape, others like flatter.

                ^ Exactly what he said. I really don't understand the purpose of a fretboard with a tight radius, or where that idea came from. Most classical guitars have super-flat 20" radii, and I guess I'm most comfortable with flat fretboards because that's what I started on.
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                  I think the difference in playability between a 9.5" and a 12" is far less profound than the difference between a 7.25" and a 9.5". Once they get relatively flat, they feel pretty similar.
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                    I like wide radiuses, but my Parker has one of the best necks I've ever had. It's a compound radius 10"-13" - feels better than the other guitars I've had (Jackson compound radius, Ibanez Wizard or ESP thin U). The one that comes the closest to comfort is probably the Wizard, but that's helped by the fact that neck had a really nice satin oil-feeling finish.
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                      I just could not do barre chords on a flat radius for the longest time. To me it's fretboard radius AND what size frets.

                      I usually like my strat with the 9.5", but I just bought a Showmaster and it has a 15.75" radius, BUT it has Huge frets. So, it plays fine to me. Flat fret boards with Medium Jumbo frets don't work for me. As rounder radius doesn't work well with Jumbo frets.
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                        I like having a variety,it gives my hands a break.Fretting out only happens above the 12th fret on my 7.25 so it doesn't really bother me.
                        I'm just aware of the guitar i am playing at the time.

                        my guitars vary from 7.25 to 16"
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                          yeah, i can play with any radius, but the higher the better

                          the most comfy neck ive used had a 16" radius, so SO nice...
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                            My Explorer's have a 10-16 degree compound radius and I love it, very comfortable to play.
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                              no big deal to me...guess I've never met a bad one yet. My flat classical neck bugs me a little.
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