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REAL new guitar day (not one of those fake ones, Gibson content)

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  • REAL new guitar day (not one of those fake ones, Gibson content)

    Saw it at a pawn shop for 1200. Put it on layaway for the final price of 900 and 50 bucks tax. Had it on layaway since around Thanksgiving (here's the story and original thread):


    I picked it up yesterday. One of the guys who worked there, apparently a guitarist, told me it's a good thing I put it on layaway when I did. Two days later a guy showed with 1200 in cash for it.

    Dated the serial number, seems like it was produced in 1987, a year after I was born.

    Tuners replaced with Grovers, which is a nice touch, because I HATE standard traditional Gibson tuners. They break on me constantly.

    A little dinged up, just enough for me not to be afraid of actually playing it. Along each fret, the binding has a little crack... kind of cool. Came with a lot of goodies, two polishing clothes, polish, leather strap, strap locks, extra strings... It's in standard, and I gotta take it down to drop C. I'm a little nervous to mess with it yet because I like it so much. Gotta go up a guage and tune it down. Wish me luck!
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    Looks like one I use to have but mine was an 81
    R I P Leopardstar

    Originally Posted by jjpistols
    yeah it's funny to watch internet idiots talk **************** knowing they've never accomplished a ****************in thing musically


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      Great score HNGD,


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        Great! I prefer the Kluson like tuners but it doesn't matter, looks great!


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          Thats beautiful! HNGD...
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            Thats beautiful! HNGD...

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              Sweet guitar!

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              Originally Posted by Ratae Coritanorum

              Marc man, I think you possibly rock TOO MUCH

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                Originally Posted by guitarkid
                is this serious or him being an ****************************?

                Originally Posted by Alchemist
                go easy on him, he might just bust out his move
                I'm assuming thats when he goes into the fetal position, sticks his thumb up his ass, and cries until you leave him alone

                Originally Posted by Rhone
                A lot of time and effort has gone in to 'updating' this site just so that one dude can upload his Nam video from his motel room


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                    Very nice. Looks just like my friend's Agile...

                    Hey I'm kidding!!

                    Happy New Gibson Day!!!
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                      HNGD! Love the color


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                        nice! great color
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                          God I love Wine Red Les Pauls
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                            Good score! HNGD!!!!!!!!!!!
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                              great deal. aslan, my world famous guitar kitten, say's 4 paws and a tail tip up

                              happy new real guitar day
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