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Up the Irons: Maiden still great


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  • Up the Irons: Maiden still great

    saw Maiden last night at Izod center in New Jersey , Freaking Awsum they still kick ass.

    The band was tight and played the great stuff from the 80s .
    amazing night . Most solos were handled by Smith and Murray with Gers doing some lead work.
    They all used mostly modded Strats with smith sometimes using a Gibson SG looked like a 61 Ri from my vantage point , I didnt see any amps so I cant tell what they used. The sound was clear and crisp .

    If you get a chance , go they still rule.
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    I saw maiden a couple of weeks ago at the MExico concert,

    those guys still kick ass, great solos (all of 'em), and if you add a little Steve Harris in the mix you get an awesome Metal Band

    Up the irons...
    All hail south of the border...

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      Lucky Bastards!!! I'm prayin they make a stop in MN, last saw 'em on the "Caught somewhere in time" tour, Excellent show!!!
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      tone is in the stfu

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        HELL YEAH!!

        I believe they mainly use Marshall JMP preamps/poweramps...

        from what I hear, Adrian Smith bought up quite a few Marshall DSL heads, as they may be going away with recent EU restrictions going into effect, regarding use of lead in electronics, etc.(and with the release of the vintage modern and jvm amps)
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          That is great to hear. I saw them when I was in high school during their Seventh son of a Seventh son tour.

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            Somewhere In Time and Powerslave are constants in my audio collection and have been since first released.
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              very much looking forward to their stop in norcal in may...last time I saw em was somewhere in time tour, "Scream for me Long Beach!"
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                Still my favorite band. Cant wait to see them again in Chicago in June.
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                  very good band, I loved them until they put out Somewhere in Time, didn't care for their stuff after that. I saw them on the Brave New World tour at PNC and had a good time. Glad you enjoyed the show, I'm thinking of getting tickets for the MSG show later in the year.
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                    5/22 in Houston. I cant wait!!!! UP THE IRONS!!!!


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                      any Boston dates coming???
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                        One of my favorite bands. I'm trying to learn the solo to powerslave right now, its one of my all time favorite solos.

                        last time I saw them was after "no prayer for the dying" came out, long time ago, I would love to see them again.


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                          saw em twice, once for 7th son and once for fear of the dark... both excellent shows I'd love to see em again.

                          Hope steve doesnt mind looking like a guitar player for my little smiley maiden
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                          that costs less than like 3 hours of boozin on a tuesday

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                            Saw them Wednesday 3/12, in Puerto Rico. Best show I've been to in my life. Maiden ****************in' rules.
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