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Agile AL-3000 Gold Top P-90's


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  • Agile AL-3000 Gold Top P-90's

    I'm thinking on buying this Korean made guitar.....

    Anybody out there own one or knows anything about this model ?
    I would greatly appreciate any info. or your opinion on this beautiful guitar !
    rondomusic.com has them for $379.00,you can't beat that !

    Thanks ! Bubba

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    you sure its korean?oke:
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    tone is in the stfu

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    i'm both a smart ass and correct


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      I have that guitar in cherry sunburst flame maple. One of the few guitars I own that is totally stock. The pickups are great for what I do. Be prepared for it being heavy but other than that a great guitar.
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        Not sure about the 3000s, but I know a lot of people here jumped on the goldtop 2000s and 2500s at various times when they were available back in the day, and were pretty much universally raving about them.


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          "Actual Weight is only 10 lbs" :arg:
          Width of the neck at the nut: 1 5/8"; 22 Jumbo frets


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            I had a really good experience with the Agile I owned. Really, really nice guitar for the $.

            Thing is, Kurt from Rondo has a great reputation for customer service, so if you don't like it, return it.

            FWIW, most of the guys with the higher end Agiles are measuring their nuts out at 1 11/16". Kurt's notorious for over-using templates on his site.
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              I love mine. It weighs about 9.2 pounds, and the stock pickups are killer.


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                I used to own that exact guitar. It was Excellent in all aspects.
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