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is my tone bad


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    Too gainy IMO... turn that knob down a bit and let the amp do the talking.
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      it started out sounding like a video game from the 80's, then went straight into a Marshall Valvestate...that's not good...imo.


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        is that how bad boss pedals are????

        Honestly, I just have an arbitrarily poor opinion of Boss pedals in general so I that's the brand that came to mind. Actually, I once had an Ibanez Metal Charger pedal that sounded like this.
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          DC in DC

          Originally Posted by Mike Fiasco

          DIY, the ultimate in wankery. Actually, wankery is the ultimate in DIY.

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            Keep recording. Keep listening to yourself. You'll figure out what you like. It may take some years of fine tuning but you'll find your sound. If no one likes it then....... ****************'em!
            IT'S ALL ABOUT YOU, BABY!!!


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              Its a dumb sounding riff mainly. What are you playing though?
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                That doesn't sound very metal.

                Needs more BREWTALZ.


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                  Dont you use that tone with me.


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                    sounds like my old gameboy
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                      Your sounding like your playing through a Cheap Solid State amp with the OD Button pushed on. Just that over processed, buzzing Tone that really only gives up some decent Harmonic Tone's. Which your not focusing on anyway?

                      By the way I didn't read the thread so I don't even know what your playing through at the momnt.

                      IMO I like a Cleaner more Natural Tone were you can appeciate the Quality of a guitar like a Strat or a Les-Paul. But hey this is all my opinion, which that and $1.00 will get you a coffee.

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                        it started out sounding like a video game from the 80's, then went straight into a Marshall Valvestate...that's not good...imo.

                        I have a valvestate

                        but im gonna get a second hand dsl50 or 100 this year though

                        Im only 15 damnit!

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