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Have you ever totaled your $$ in gear?


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    I don't have much, a little over 5 grand in here. Hmmm, my car costs more and I hate that thing! It doesn't seem right.
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      Hahaaa, You and bbreaker were two I was thinking of when I mentioned my total would be peanuts to those with collections of the higher priced guitars.

      I'll probably do an inventory list this week.
      I'd like to know too.
      i have come to the conclusion that he is some form of god. no mere mortal has that many guitars/pedals/amp/anything. "It boggles my mind. His collection is the most glorious and true expression of GAS.To each his own though. Amazing collection of beauties. It takes some seriously messed up OCD to compile a collection like that.I hate BBreaker. Damn, I hate him.Suck it.We learned that bbreaker is some sort of god. A god of whine.fk this guy.


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        Looking like 800 or so. Plus effects.


        Can anyone else compete with me on the low end of the spectrum?


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          I'll probably do an inventory list this week.
          I'd like to know too.

          As in, start now and finish in a week? Sounds logical.


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            About 1000 even I think
            4 guits, 1 amp


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              I haven't totaled my stuff yet. Am almost afraid to.

              I have totaled a couple of cars in my time though.


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                3900$ in guitars.
                1000$ in amps.
                210$ in a pedal.
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                1995 Rickenbacker 381v69 MG
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                  I have a spreadsheet. It's indispensible.

                  The guitar and amps total = a big number

                  avg git cost = 160
                  avg amp cost = 117
                  DC in DC

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                    Do we count value or price paid?
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                      A lil less than $10k

                      I like to lose my money in real estate


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                        Can anyone else compete with me on the low end of the spectrum?

                        I don't think I can beat you, but I can tie you

                        VJ head $100
                        kingston cab $75
                        Univox DC Jr $65
                        Epi SG jr $125
                        Carvin DC 200 $120
                        Crate TD 50C $75
                        Paris tube amp $20
                        Haynes Bass King $35
                        Darius Bass 2000 $20
                        Zoom Studio 1204 $15
                        Romanian classical guitar$20
                        Cables and **************** $30
                        Epi SG jr P90
                        Lawsuit Magnum Les Paul
                        Univox Les Paul jr

                        A few amps, an acoustic and a bass, nothin over $125
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                          Since I buy $2K guitars these days, I try not to think about that

                          I'm pretty sure my entire collection of 5 guitars and 1 amp is under that...

                          if you discount the two that were gifts from my dear departed mother almost under 1K (the Reverend messed up the average purchase price )
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                            Right now?

                            Guitars - $3,900
                            Amps - $3,400
                            Pedals - $900
                            Total - $8,200

                            What I've sold and traded in?


                            And that's just in 10 months.
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                              i dunno for my entire guitar playing life but right now:
                              Sg-x - around $400
                              Blues Jr. - $350
                              pedals - $895
                              so like $1645.
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                                I think I've got you all beat on the low end.

                                1962 Guild T-100 $50 with original case (Son bought it at moving sale)
                                Parts to get the Guild working $26
                                Pawn shop amp $49

                                Total: $125

                                Of course the real value of the T-100 is probably around $1500

                                Dave in Ft. Collins, CO