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    Well, it would pretty much look kinda like this as far as shape:

    Carved flamed maple top, back and sides. Mahogany neck.
    But it would be semi-hollow with a mahogany center block with an ebony fretboard and a cool headstock. It would be slightly thicker than a 335 about 2" at the rim. I would put natural wood binding on the body and none on the neck or headstock. It would be adorned with the finest gold plated tune-o-matic bridge and tailpiece (possibly a trapeze just for the bling factor) I'd use 18:1 Gold tuners (non-locking). The F-holes would be shaped like rattlesnakes and the headstock would have mother of pearl snake rattle inlay. The Fretboard position markers would be Mother of pearl diamonds to resemble the markings on a rattlesnake..probably a series of diamonds, or blocks in a diamond configuration. For a finish I'd really like a transparent white if it could be achieve while still showing the maple flame, if not, something like an antique burst or almond burst.

    that's all.

    Dude... that axe would kick ass... how much do you think it would cost?
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      How about you?

      I think I'd go for carved top strat body type, .. I don't know much about pups, I'm guessin' It would have some crunchy humbucker, and 2 single coils, and some switch that would allow both a sort of bluesy crunch and sharp cleans..

      I'd go for a floyd rose bridge, and one of those prs dragon inlays

      and a reverse headstock!!!!

      All hail south of the border...

      need any gardening??


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        This isn't my "dream guitar" per se, as LPs and 335s are pretty much ideal for me already, but I still want a guitar like this some day, so....

        Doublecut body, ideally a PRS type carved top thing but in reality a hardtail strat body would be far more feasible. If the body were a PRS type thing, maybe semihollow.

        Humbucker at the bridge with P90s in the neck and middle. Hot vintage type HB and vintagey P90s.

        Wide and fat neck with 3+3 headstock (if PRS body, 6 in line for strat body I suppose).


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          curved top soloist in mahogany, 24 fret, h-h, green quilt maple, with wilkinson.
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            I have two dream guitars:

            1) Gibson Les Paul Custom in Alpine White with a Bisgby installed and slim profile neck.

            2) Custom-made Superstrat in black/black with:
            -Slim neck with maple fretboard
            -9.5" fretboard radius
            -Wilkinson Locking Tuners
            -DiMarzio Super Distortion bridge humbucker with coil-splitting and DiMarzio Virtual Vintage Blues neck and middle single-coil pickups.
            Originally Posted by Matthew

            Gear worship lol

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              kirk hammetts mummy guitar, i love it, i have the kh2 relic which is my fav guitar ever
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              ancient mariner x 2


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                It'd be a Mahogany neck through firebird body, though made with more access to the neck.
                The neck would have 24 frets.
                Pickups would be whatever is in mine now (old gibson PAF and dimarzio Super Distorion?)
                fretboard would be the parker composite material or ebanol.
                The bridge would be the Parker Fly tremolo with the piezo.
                Sperzel/schaller locking tuners
                lsr roller nut, a nice graphtech nut, or a buzz feiten nut.
                dark transparent brown finish.
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                  Parker Fly with DiMarzio D ActivatorX pups and a GK-3 Synth pickup. Also Variax modeling circutry and a Fishman Piezo. Plus a coil tap for each pup and a Killswitch to engage the Bridge pup only. All in a Dusty Black finish with my name on the back of the headstock.

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                    Dude... that axe would kick ass... how much do you think it would cost?

                    More than I have. I've thought about building it a few times, but I keep chickening out. Carving an archtop seems beyond my expertise.
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