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    If you could build a dream guitar (and money wasn't an issue) what type of body, bridge, pups configuration, type of wood, etc. would you use?

    try and be creative...
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    Strat body - Ash
    Neck - Maple w/ maple board
    SSS (But one SC-sized bucker)
    Standard strat bridge with brass saddles.
    Finished in Sienna sunburst.
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      Originally Posted by tinwhisker

      tone is in the stfu

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      i'm both a smart ass and correct


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        Well, it would pretty much look kinda like this as far as shape:

        Carved flamed maple top, back and sides. Mahogany neck.
        But it would be semi-hollow with a mahogany center block with an ebony fretboard and a cool headstock. It would be slightly thicker than a 335 about 2" at the rim. I would put natural wood binding on the body and none on the neck or headstock. It would be adorned with the finest gold plated tune-o-matic bridge and tailpiece (possibly a trapeze just for the bling factor) I'd use 18:1 Gold tuners (non-locking). The F-holes would be shaped like rattlesnakes and the headstock would have mother of pearl snake rattle inlay. The Fretboard position markers would be Mother of pearl diamonds to resemble the markings on a rattlesnake..probably a series of diamonds, or blocks in a diamond configuration. For a finish I'd really like a transparent white if it could be achieve while still showing the maple flame, if not, something like an antique burst or almond burst.

        that's all.
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          Interesting... So hard to choose!

          Flying v body - mahogany with flamed maple top
          Set neck, mahogany and maple, V headstock
          Rosewood fingerboard, dark or stained black, with V MOP inlays
          Floyd Rose trem, chrome
          Locking nut, with grover tuners, chrome
          Sustainiac in the neck position
          Ultrasonic 6 pickup in the bridge
          One volume control (gibson speed knob style, cream), pickup selector toggle (chrome), kill switch
          Schaller straplocks
          A light purpleburst finish, maybe some flake on the outside
          And i have a tat on my back below my collar that I would either get inlayed at the twelfth fret or on the headstock.
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            Rickenbacker 331 Lightsow
            Originally Posted by adlo76

            i used think guitarmandp was a douchebag.
            now i'm certain.


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              Fun game!

              Here's mine:
              Strat Style with elongated upper horn for balance.
              Mahogany body with blueburst (light to dark but not to black) flat maple top and masked binding - no need for a figured top just a nice grain.
              trem-king tremolo
              Birdseye maple 25" scale neck through compound radius thick ebony board and block MOP inlays and aged cream binding
              Locking Tuners
              WCR pickups in HSH configuration with super switch so I can find excellent strat quack tones in there along with the most brutal metal at the bridge and warm les paul slash tones at the neck.
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                Fender Mustang style body and scale length. Hard tail, humbucker in bridge position. Maple neck.
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                  If you could build a dream guitar (and money wasn't an issue) what type of body, bridge, pups configuration, type of wood, etc. would you use?

                  try and be creative...

                  How about you?


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                    Hmmmm, let's see...

                    *Les Paul Body with Strat contours (mahogany body, maple cap)
                    *Ebony fingerboard with Medium Jumbo frets
                    *Front, back, and neck binding
                    *Tune-O-Matic bridge
                    *P90 neck pup (as close to "Strat" sounding as I could get), humbucker bridge
                    *3/3 tuner configuration
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                      Maybe I am lame...but I am pretty satisfied with the stuff that is out there...both old and new.

                      A Telecaster with a front strat style contour would be cool...but........


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                        Parker Supreme with the bridge piezos also doubling as MIDI pickups. Basically I want a Supreme (already have one) and a MIDI Fly mashed into one. Using MIDI to control the pickup switching and tapping would be ****************ing incredible as well.
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                          -LP Shape, but thinner. Not as thin as a ESP Eclipse, somewhere in the middle.
                          -Mahogany body, maple top
                          -Maple neck, Ebony board
                          -SS Frets
                          -Satin Cherry Sunburst
                          -Satin neck
                          -3x3 Planet Waves locking tuners
                          -Belly contour
                          -Cream Duncans (SH-5/SHPG-1)
                          -Locking Tune-o-Matic bridge

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                            Hrmm... I'd probably get two guitars custom made. Both strats, but the top would be flat rather than contoured, other than the arm rest. One would be lightly flamed with a trans gray-black burst like PRS has. It wouldn't have a pickguard and would be H/S/S routed. No trem, just the bridge like on a hardtail Fender. EJ-ish neck profile with an ebony fretboard, 9.5" radius, 21 vintage frets, large-ish dot inlays, 5 way switching, with 1 volume and 1 tone control. The volume pot would split the coils on the bridge pickup and the tone would force the neck pickup on. I'd probably have to try some different higher end pickups but if I had to order it today, I'd probably go with an Ibanez Super 58 that was super-well potted in the bridge and Fralin Blues Specials in the neck and middle.

                            The next would have a normal original contour body with a Mary Kaye type finish with probably a parchment pickguard or something else not quite white, 1 piece maple neck, largish black dot inlays, no trem, S/S/S same controls as the other guitar. Again, I'd want to check out some higher end pickups but I'd go with Lollar Vintage Tweeds at the moment.
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                              -SG shape, but thicker
                              -Natural finish
                              -Korina neck & body
                              -Rosewood fretboard
                              -Medium jumbo fret wire
                              -Tune-o-matic bridge
                              -Seymour duncan pups, SH-5 Bridge, SH-1 neck. (both with coil taps)
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