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I'm Mazi Bee and I approve this message...>>>>>>


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    aw man, he's back! we were full of pr0nz and spam till you had to come back and ruin it all!


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      I will post photos of electrified guitars so this thread will be non OT.

      lol gl
      *Captain in the SG Army*

      Originally Posted by Minitruth

      Of course. I told 'em you guys were saying they might try to stick furniture
      up my ass. Pics are proof they did not

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        Eh....so...NGD?? WTF???

        I still have some laying around that need to be built. A killer double bound black tele is next.....
        If you want to SAVE ROCK 'n' ROLL, Join The MAZI BEE KICK ASS MILITIA!!!

        **FOR SALE**

        more stuff soon


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          welcome Back Bee!
          From Great Dane: INTERNET stands for: Inter-connected Network of Tools Endlessly Regurgitating Negatively Energized Tantrums


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              Come on, dish it.. Where you been?


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                How'd you get out of the cage?

                Glad to see you're still kickin Todd, please disregard the Medical Examiner if they show up to look for a decomposing body in your bathtub.
                I puked last night after eating a volcano taco and drinking vodka. I felt like a ****************ing dragon.


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                  I launched my Presidential Campaign 10 weeks ago and today I regret that I must withdraw from the race. I am still hoping to be chosen as a VP running mate so my time here may be limited. Wish me luck.

                  Er... Pics or it didn't happen?

                  Welcome back, Mazi Bee!
                  Now tell us, really, where have you been?


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                    I still have some laying around that need to be built. A killer double bound black tele is next.....

                    Now that's what I'm talkin' about! Welcome back MB!!!!
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                      Glad youre back!.I was going to take over the Militia.
                      R I P Leopardstar

                      Originally Posted by jjpistols
                      yeah it's funny to watch internet idiots talk **************** knowing they've never accomplished a ****************in thing musically


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                        Sorry to hear that you're out of the running for President.

                        Can I still call you at 30 AM ?

                        I promise I'll wear pants this time.

                        member: MAZI BEE MILITIA

                        Originally Posted by guitarkid
                        is this serious or him being an ****************************?

                        Originally Posted by Alchemist
                        go easy on him, he might just bust out his move
                        I'm assuming thats when he goes into the fetal position, sticks his thumb up his ass, and cries until you leave him alone

                        Originally Posted by Rhone
                        A lot of time and effort has gone in to 'updating' this site just so that one dude can upload his Nam video from his motel room


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                          Yay! We've been needing a little more order to our chaos.

                          I will post photos of electrified guitars so this thread will be non OT.

                          Cool. I was going through parquet flooring withdrawal. I actually started watching Celtic games.


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                            ... one of my last chances of posting off the topic pix before he strikes again now that he is back ...

                            funny, smart, and interesting stuff goes here ...
                            followed by long list of cool guitars and stuff


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                              Ron Paul & Mazi 2008!

                              but no... instead, we get this:

                              My Original Music:
                              Goetic Circle
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                              UNDEAD PRIEST
                              In the Name of Majestic Hellfire


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                                Bee you ****************ing pigs ****************

                                You could have at least phoned and told us you'd be back late, get up to your ****************ing room and DO SOME THINKING mister!!!!

                                You are sooooo ****************ing grounded
                                Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything. - Plato