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anyone have a Lace Hunington?


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  • anyone have a Lace Hunington?

    How are they?

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    I have a Lace Huntington Mooneyes guitar. I only paid $89 for it and I think it is worth almost that much. The neck pocket is too wide and the paint is chipped around the pocket. The output jack was mis-drilled the first time around, so they just moved it over and drilled again. Can't see it with the output jack on, but there are a few holes under it. Sharp fret ends, soft light body wood, and sloppy tuners. The yellow finish is really nice and I love the look of the "Mooneyes" and racing stripes. Probably the only reason I haven't parted it out yet, is that I think it looks cool, and is fun to play some 60's style songs such as Little Duce Coupe on. I had a cheapo plywood Kramer Focus that was wayyyyyy better than this guitar. IMHO it is a nice wall hanger. Maybe another model of the Huntington is better.