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    I've found one on Craigslist for $75. I did some research and it seems the strats are made from agethis. I have been seeing alot of Cort guitars lately, I stopped in music store I don't frequent and their whole wall was littered with them. I am curious what they sound like. They didn't have a Strat style though.

    Even though I'm looking for a Cherry Nitro strat body I was debating about purchasing this if I can get some input about the body. Is it solid? Good Frets? ect..

    I'd throw some good pickups in it I'm not worried about the electronics.

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    The Cort G-Series are the Stratty type guitars. Most of the models made in the last 5 years are basswood, alder or ash bodies. Some of the earlier cheaper Strat models used agathis, but not many, AFAIK.

    The general build quality is very good - especially the Korean-built models. They make excellent guitars to mod. Hardware and pickups (largely Mighty Mite and Cor-Tek) are decent, but not amazing. As with any cheaper brand, if you take the time to sort through a batch, you'll find a few special ones and a few dogs. I found a wonderful G-VT (limited edition for Musik Messe 2005 - ash body, maple board) and after some mods it took over as my number one Stratlike guitar.

    Go to the Cort forums at and the (usually very helpful) guys there will help you identify the model you're looking at and give pretty honest opinions.
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      The cort wasn't a matt Guitar Murphy sometimes called "MGM" was it? its Agathis and a really fine guitar. If you can get one for under $200, go for it.