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What guitar would you buy if it's your last one.....


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    Crook Surf Green Paisely Tele


    Fender Custom Shop NOS Nocaster

    That was realy easy

    1955 Tele Partsocaster Korina Amber
    2007 Carvin V220 Green Machine
    1983 Gibson Custom Shop Edition Schenker reject
    1989 Fender Telecaster Custom Deluxe Ultra
    1968 Fender Telecaster
    2007 Fender American Deluxe Jazz Bass
    1997 Fender Pink Paisley

    59 Fender Bassman
    Marshall JCM 800
    Marshall Studio 15
    Marshall 1976
    Marshall Silver Jubilee
    Orange Tiny Terror
    Orange Rocker 30
    Carvin Vintage 16




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      If not a Parker Deluxe [or becuase I already own one] I might get either a EBMM JP6 or JP7 in Mystic Dream or maybe a Carvin DC 727 in sunburst quilt top or a Jackson SL2H in Erie Dess Swirl.

      Guitars: Suhr Modern, Tom Anderson Drop Top T, Heritage Custom Shop H535 Classic, MANN Les Paul Special (MIJ lawsuit) Ibanez RG7620, Martin 0015M
      Amplification: Bogner Ecstasy 101B/Mesa Boogie Rectifier 2x12 (V30s) Hughes and Kettner TubeMeister 18 combo

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        1958 Stratocaster. Sunburst.
        Smooth deals with: duncan, the_bleeding, MrSandMan, 6StrngStrangler, mmmmmchina, gproud, Onehourlater, driverhasabomb, bluehuricane, melx, TheErosion, gschmittling, BrianPhase90, roaring20's, ibentmywookieFender Custom Shop '52 TelecasterGibson 2013 SG StandardFender Deville III 4x10Oh Henry! chocolate barsPedals n' stuffhttp://bearflagbearflagbearflag.bandcamp.com


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          Gibson LP custom.
          My Gear:

          2008 Gibson Les Paul Traditional
          1990 Gibson Les Paul Studio
          Marshall JTM45 Reissue
          Marshall 1960AC 4x12


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            A Custom PRS Singlecut with a HSH setup with a coil splice. I would tell em to put a Floyd Rose on the back too. The paint would be a Green Quilt

            The pickups would be

            Neck: Cool Motherbucker (Kent Armstrong)
            Middle: Vintage Rail by SD
            Bridge: Hot Motherbucker
            Originally Posted by redundantshrimp

            inglorious basterds is going to be so good that when I go see it at the movie theatre, I'm going to wear a poncho just in case people's heads start exploding from the awesomeness.

            My Rig!


            Aria MAC 50 w/ SD Super Distort in bridge
            Aria STG-006 (needs new pickups)
            A few POS fixer uppers

            Vox DA20
            Hughes and Kettner Cream Machine Preamp
            Tech 21 Powerengine 60

            Dunlop 535Q Wah
            Boss GE-7 EQ

            '52 Reissue Tele
            20-40 watt Fender clean amp.


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              Gibson Custom Shop Peter Frampton Signature Les Paul Special.

              Great Transactions with Waveman, Edgeofthorns, Groovenut, XMahkaihX, JesusMcJesus, JimAnsell, Crxshdxmmy, Inuitdream

              Gear List:
              ESP-M1 Custom w/EMG81
              Ibanez RG220 w/Carvin M22's
              Marshall JMP-1
              Mesa/Boogie 50/50 w/JJ's
              Behringer Tube EQ
              Earcandy Soveriegn cab w/Jensen Green Machine
              Marshall Microstack 'A' cab w/ Celestion G12S-50
              Digitech RP80
              Chuck's Tone Garage True Bypass Loop Box
              Dunlop Zakk Wylde Wah
              All wired w/George L's


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                White Falcon, although my wife said she would get me one for my 50th B'day.

                Two more years, two more years, two more years............................................. ...................


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                  i have come to the conclusion that he is some form of god. no mere mortal has that many guitars/pedals/amp/anything. "It boggles my mind. His collection is the most glorious and true expression of GAS.To each his own though. Amazing collection of beauties. It takes some seriously messed up OCD to compile a collection like that.I hate BBreaker. Damn, I hate him.Suck it.We learned that bbreaker is some sort of god. A god of whine.fk this guy.


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                    If you had an American Standard Strat and you wanted to buy another guitar which would be the last guitar you buy and you had less than 4000 dollars for it! :-) (Of course, you would want a versatile guitar, right?)


                    There is no such thing as the last one unless you are 'fixing to die' soon.

                    If that's the case, I probably already have it but,...you said if you had your dream Strat already,...what else. Some have said ES 335. That's a good one because it's different than the Strat and is a monster for all genres.

                    My choice would be a Johnny A with a Bigsby.


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                      TELE!!! TELE!!!
                      Be love. Be gratitude.


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                        Les Paul Artisan.

                        If anybody knows where to get one....
                        Originally Posted by Exdeath

                        hey eat dicks motley crue is awesome ok

                        I AM BUYING BOSS DS-1s Help me build a 10-pedal, all-DS1 pedal board. Paypal... um.. paid. I know you've got a DS-1 behind that 5-foot bong you brought back from vacation, sell it to me. Looking around $25 per.


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                          What matters doesn't matter, but if it matters, it still doesnt matter.... JNJ

                          The Hot Rod Owner's Club


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                            Some form of Rickenbaker if they are under $4000.
                            Fender Stratocaster, Fender Mustang Pawn Shop, Fender Duo-Sonic (Modified), DeArmond M-66. Yamaha THR10, DigiTech RP250, Bad Monkey Tube Overdrive.


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                              Parker Fly mojo flame.


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