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The guitar in the Video is win

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  • The guitar in the Video is win

    Ignore the lesson part, but I really dig the look and sound of this strat.

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    Tha Yngwa thang! Very well explained. Great tone, yeah!
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      tone is not my type, but still good. the color is gorgeous though.
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        Beautiful guitar, and great player.

        From the wear on his guitar neck, it looks like he has played ONLY that lick on his guitar since the dawn of time.

        Just sayin...
        Yeah, I love the look of that guitar though.

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          Although I swear by the humbucking tone - a la Billy Gibbons - I quite like this shredder tone if shred you must.
          RockNote: Yamaha SA2200 -> Area 51 wah –> Pentavocal -> Dlx Moon Phaser => 2 x Cornford Carrera. Kramer Pacer > Phase 100 > Crybaby > TS9 > Fender Princeton Chorus.


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            Sorry to bring back a dead topic, but I just stumbled onto this through the statistics on the YouTube Page.
            The tone here isn't actually my usual thing, but was achieved with whatever amp I borrowed (I forgot) in the studio this was filmed in. I wanted a bit more gain...but the tone I was using here translated fairly well through the video. This lesson was done just as a little promo thing, not even originally for youtube...I never thought it would get over 100,000 views!
            The Strat is a 1972 and was originally a natural finish. I bought it in 1990 in Buffalo, NY and immediately had it refinished. The color was supposed to be Daphne Blue (Fender had yet to start reissuing that color yet), but my buddy who did the paint used too much blue and not enough white in the mix. So it wasn't as light in color as it was supposed to be. I have grown to like the uniqueness of it though. The pickups are DiMarzio Virtual Vintage Solos ( which were discontinued this past January). The wear on the neck is because the 1st time I had it refretted back in 1991, the original finish was stripped down. A thinner coat was reapplied but my finger oils have since seeped through that weaker coat and stained the wood. But I get nothing but compliments on how cool it looks, so I really dont want to change it. And um, I do have more licks than just this one, DaveAronow. Hahaha.
            This is an example of what my tone is REALLY like:



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              ^^^ Great Queen covers
              -- Rainer

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                Thanks ArKay...I appreciate it!